Olympic Games : Rio 2016 Olympics golf course being built

Updated: September 10, 2013
rio golf course

Over the course of recent weeks Brazil has been busy hosting visits from world sports bodies checking out the venues and preparations.

Early last week, officials from the International Cycling Union (UCI) visited the site of the Mountain Bike venue in the Deodoro Olympic Park together with representatives of Rio 2016 in order to map the layout of the course for the Olympic competition.

Peter Van Den Abeele, UCI Manager Off-Road Disciplines said: “We had a very productive three days with Rio 2016. We walked the course several times and the potential of the venue is amazing. It will be very exciting, more compact and more attractive than ever. London 2012 was amazing, but we are aiming even higher; it is going to be spectacular.”

Commenting on the mountain bike venue being placed within the Deodoro Olympic Park, Van Den Abeele added: “It makes a big difference to be part of a cluster of venues. It has inspired me. We can integrate with other sports and hopefully attract new fans that may be there for equestrian, hockey or rugby.”

During September Rio 2016 will also receive high level delegations from the FIVB (Volleyball), BWF (badminton), IGF (golf), ITTF (table tennis), UIPM (modern pentathlon), FIBA (basketball), IAAF (athletics), FEI (equestrian) and FIH (hockey) international federations.

The International Federations will visit their sport venues and hold meetings with various functional areas of Rio 2016 to develop and fine-tune planning in the areas of venue development, competitions, branding, transport and accommodation, amongst others.
Agberto Guimaraes, Rio 2016 Executive Director of Sport said:“The strong partnership with the International Federations is vital for the fulfillment of our mutual goal; to provide the very best facilities and environment to allow the athletes to perform to the absolute maximum of their potential, and in doing so, thrill the world with their achievements. We were very pleased with the progress made during the International Cycling Federation visit this week and we look forward to hosting eight more delegations during September.”

International Golf Federation President Pater Dawson will have the opportunity to see the progress made on the construction of the Rio 2016 Olympics golf course, which began in April this year. Golf will make its first appearance as an Olympic sport in Rio since it last appeared in the 1904 Games. The course in Barra da Tijuca will serve as the first public golf course in Rio de Janeiro following the Games.

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