Adrien Broner to avoid Burns by moving up in weight permanently

Updated: April 6, 2013

Adrien Broner looks set to avoid WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns by moving up in weight for good after his June showdown with Paulie Malignaggi.

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WBC lightweight champion Broner, is moving past the 140 pound division to 147 to fight welterweight champ Malignaggi and Broner’s promoter, Oscar De La Hoya moved to claim that Broner may move up from 135 to 140 permanently after the showdown with Malignaggi.

It is a real shame that Broner will be moving up in weight as there is a huge market for him to fight Burns in Scotland in a unification bout.

The brash Broner however is eyeing up ‘bigger’ fights at light-welterweight against the likes of Amir Khan, Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse.

This will be bitterly disappointing news for Burns who wanted the fight later this year. Broner has already claimed that he would beat the Scot, but Burns sees things differently.

It is true that the light-welterweight division is at the minute the bigger division and the better challenge for Broner on a whole. His promoters may not want to risk a loss against Burns which would ultimately damage his reputation and make him less marketable.

The largely untested Broner, will have a difficult time adjusting to a more talented division with heavy punchers. He is the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather Jr. who has successfully moved up six weight divisions so all eyes will be on Broner, who styles himself in the mould of Mayweather.


  1. LaJaeric Miller

    04/06/2013 at 2:37 pm

    I’m tired of you European’s claiming you aren’t getting a fair shake in boxing. Burns had every opportunity to fight Broner but he chickened out. So this article is basically a bitch session to complain with the fact that Broner got tired of waiting. It’s like someone trying to fight when there are people between them.

  2. Ali

    04/06/2013 at 4:48 pm

    Ricky burns is a bum he wont stand a chance against broner


    04/07/2013 at 1:05 pm

    READ THIS ARTICLE BELOW:interview with frank warren: ricky burns turned down adrien broner. Burns has two losses to nobody’s he is garbage and he only voiced interest after the malinaggi fight was finalized so don’t be stupid and right these stupid articles. Burns ain’t shit if you going to suck dick to a euro fighter you better
    suck off on dave haye or lennox lewis a klitschko or Joe Calzaghe etc

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