Floyd Mayweather claims that he cannot be beaten

Updated: June 26, 2013

Pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather has issued Saul Alvarez with a stark warning that he cannot be beaten, ahead of their September showdown.

Mayweather and Alvarez came face-to-face at their 11-city press tour to promote one of the biggest fights in boxing history, with the expectation that this fight will break previous PPV records set by Floyd.

Alvarez claimed that there will be a power change, a passing of the torch on September 14, but Mayweather, confident as ever, was quick to put his young challenger in his place.

“The Earth is my turf,” Mayweather said. “You can put me in any ring and I will always come out victorious.”

Alvarez is 14 years younger than Mayweather, and is expected to be the biggest test that Floyd has ever faced. Nicknamed ‘Canelo’ in Mexico because of his ginger hair, Alvarez is a big fighter, the biggest fighter Mayweather will have faced who is still in their prime.

Alvarez recently beat Austin Trout to claim the WBA light-middleweight belt, adding that to his WBC belt.

“In the sport of boxing, it’s everybody’s time, and this is my time,” Alvarez said.

He also denied that he agreed to the 152 pound catchweight bout, saying that he does not want to fight below his 154 pound limit.

“It wasn’t me,” he said. “I don’t want to fight two pounds below my weight class. I’ve visualised this fight for years, and I feel I’m going to win.”

Mayweather went on to say that when you are the best in the sport, there is a want, and a need to test yourself against the best fighters in the world.

“When you’re the best you only want to test yourself against the best and that’s what the fans wanted to see.

“If you look at the opponents he’s faced and the ones I’ve faced the big difference is experience, but he’s done something right to get to this point so he’s a guy I can’t overlook.”

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