Munster Championships worth €6.3m to locals

Updated: August 11, 2012

Figures released by the Munster GAA this week estimate the value of the Munster Senior Championships are worth around €6.3m to the local economies of the match venues across the province.


The report also vindicates the association in relation to ticket prices.

Despite scathing criticism from some fans, the figures show the importance of gate receipts in funding GAA at club and county level across the province.

Between 2007 and 2011, almost €7.3m has been invested by the organisation to clubs and counties throughout the province – a staggering figure considering the current economic climate.

During 2011, Munster GAA distributed almost €1m through both county and club Physical Development Projects.

In team expenses and field rent throughout last year, over €850,000 was provided to the six counties, with Tipperary receiving the highest figure (over €218,000), and Clare trailing with the lowest figure (just over €75,000).

Coaching projects received an additional €348,000 in funding, with the total figures distributed fairly evenly across all six counties. Coaching personnel and physical development together received almost €2m.

Of all the six counties, Cork received the highest county total, with a massive €688,094 being received in funding from the Munster GAA during 2011, with Clare receiving just €315,346 in comparison.

A number of initiatives were also introduced by the organisation in 2011, including the waiving of an entrance fee to all non-ticket games for children under the age of 16 while students and OAPs were also given the opportunity to avail of discounted access to particular games.

The organisation also administers a student bursary initiative across all third level colleges in the province, which is worth over €70,000 to the selected students. Munster GAA also contributed almost €280,000 in 2011 to player welfare and other player support schemes.

In addition to the aforementioned categories, the Munster GAA provided funds to the value of €229,600 to ladies football, camogie, schools bodies, handball and third level bodies during last year alone. Full details of these figures can be found on

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