Wednesday’s live GAA score updates

Updated: July 11, 2012
wednesdays live gaa updates

We have live score commentary updates from the Leinster minor football and U21 Hurling championship


Wednesday 11 July
Leinster U21HC final
Laois 1-13 4-24 Kilkenny, Portlaoise FT
Leinster MFC semi-final
Kildare 1-08 2-16 Dublin, Newbridge FT
Munster JFC final
Kerry 3-18 3-07 Clare, Milltown-Malbay FT
Ulster U21HC quarter-final
Fermanagh 0-05 2-07 Armagh, Clones, 7.30pm
Live commentary
8:53pm Its all over in Newbridge, Dublin look like potential All-Ireland winners.
8:52pm Really nice point for Cunningham for the Dubs. MuHugh fists a point.
8:50pm Two minutes injury time to be played.
8:48pm Penalty for Dublin. McHugh kicks it wide.
8:47pm Looks like Dublin will play Meath in the Leinster final.
8:45pm Dublin start to empty the bench.
8:43pm Kilkenny beat Laois by twenty points.
8:42pm Niall Walsh kicks another score from Dublin, they now lead by nine.
8:40pm Fitzgibbon gets a point for Kildare.
8:38pm Costello GOAL for Dublin. He looks a class player
8:35pm Its another point from Scully, Dublin look like the will score from every attack.
8:33pm McHugh kicks Dublin into a four point lead.
8:33pm Kildare are losing midfield badly, they will need goals.
8:32pm Scully restores the three point lead for Dublin.
8:30pm Fitzpatrick gets Kildare back to within two of Dublin.
8:28pm Its a third great save by the Kildare keeper, Dublin could be 10pts up.
8:26pm O’Connell comes on for O’Hagan in the Kildare team.
8:23pm Conor McHugh scores a fantastic GOAL for Dublin, they now lead by three.
8:21pm Neil Walsh levels it up for Dublin.
8:20pm GOAL from Laois puts a better look on the scoreboard.
8:20pm Neil Flynn opens the scoring after 35seconds for Kildare.
8:19pm Kildare will need a few early scores, Dublin look like a very good side.
8:18pm The second half of the minor match has just got under way.
8:13pm Nice start by Laois in the second half, they score the first two points.
8:06pm Kerry juniors are now pulling away, they lead by nine.
8:02pm Scully levels it up for Dublin, its half time.
8:00pm GOAL for Kildare minors fisted in by Flynn, great pass by Houlihan.
7:58pm Second super save by the Kildare keeper, Cormac Costello hits the 45′ wide
7:54pm Its another score from the Dublin star Cormac Costello, they now lead by two points.
7:53pm Shane Carty hits over a 45′ for Dublin after a good save by the Kildare keeper.
7:52pm GOAL for Kilkenny by John Power, The Cats now lead by 18pts.
7:50pm Another score from Cormac Costello for Dublin, he looks a high class free taker.
7:48pm Brophy gets a point for Kildare, he could of went for a goal.
7:48pm Costello gets his second point.
7:46pm Great score from Paddy Brophy for Kildare, they now lead by one. Its a very close game.
7:44pm Second wide for Kildare.
7:43pm Costello & Gaughan get scores for Dublin.
7:42pm Another GOAL for Kilkenny by John Power, they already lead by nine points.
7:41pm Naill Kelly hits his second point for the Kildare minors.
7:40pm Kildare kick their first wide.
7:38pm Dublin open the scoring through Conor McHugh.
7:37pm Laois get their opening score.
7:36pm Mark Sherry doubles the Kildare lead.
7:35pm Its already not looking good for Laois, its a GOAL for Kilkenny.
7:33pm Niall Kelly opens the scoring for Kildare minors.
7:33pm Kilkenny open the scoring with two early points.
7:32pm GOAL from Paul O’Donoghue for Kerry juniors.
7:31pm We are under way in both matches in Leinster.
7:28pm Kildare win the toss and play towards the clubhouse end.
7:20pm Killan Mallone with a GOAL for  Clare junior team.
7:05pm U21 Leinster final Team news:
Laois: E.Fleming, P.Flynn, G.Burke, A.Phelam, J.Fitzpatrick, B.Duggan, J.Unwin, D.Freeman, B.Dunne, W.Dunphy, P.Lawlor, S.Maher, B.Reddin, N.Foyle, D.King
Kilkenny: D.Walsh, J.Corcoran, W.Phelan, B.Kennedy, L.Harney, R.Doyle, J.Lyng, G.Brennan, O.Walsh, K.Kelly, P.Walsh, C.Buckley, W.Walsh, J.Power, G.Aylward
7:04pm Leinster minor football semi-final
Dublin : L. Molloy; E. Mullan, D. Byrne, R. McGowan; G. Burke, C. Mulally, M. MacDonnacha; S. Cunningham, S. Carthy; R. Gaughan, S. Cunningham, N. Walsh; C. McHugh, D. Campbell, N. Scully


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