League success vital for Dublin – John O’Leary

Updated: April 23, 2011

Former Dublin goalkeeper, John O’Leary believes that it is vital for Dublin football, that the current side win the Allianz National League Final against Cork this weekend.

Speaking in today’s Irish Independent, O’Leary said that in his opinion,the Blues league victory in the 1993 league final paved the way for All Ireland success two years later.

“It can’t be overstated how significant that was,” O’Leary said ahead of Sunday’s Allianz League final against Cork. “It was a big step for us to make and it gave us all a bit of confidence I suppose. We had a couple of tough defeats in the previous years with the games with Meath in 1991, and then lost the 1992 final to Donegal too. So there was an element of revenge in it for us.”

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