Ulster name team to face Connaught

Updated: February 15, 2012

Ulster have named their team to face Connaught in the Martin Donnelly Interprovincial football semi-finals.

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Ulster manager Joe Kernan has named Monaghan’s Darren Hughes as captain, but no other Monaghan players make the starting line-up.

Down has the most players on the team with five, while Donegal and Tyrone have three players each.

Down players on the team include goalkeeper Brendan McVeigh, midfielder Dan Gordon and forwards Benny Coulter, Danny Hughes and Mark Poland.

All-Ireland semi finalists Donegal provide two defenders in Neil McGee and Karl Lacey, while midfielder Rory Kavanagh also starts.

Tyrone’s Peter Harte, Martin Penrose and Owen Mulligan start, but Joe Kernan cannot pick Stephen O’Neill or Sean Cavanagh.

Armagh’s Ciaran McKeever and Brendan Donaghy and Antrim’s James Loughrey also make the starting line-up.

Ulster team: B McVeigh (Down): B Donaghy (Armagh), N McGee (Donegal), K Lacey (Donegal); C McKeever (Armagh), Darren Hughes (Monaghan), J Loughrey (Antrim); D Gordon (Down), R Kavanagh (Donegal); Danny Hughes (Down), M Poland (Down), P Harte (Tyrone): M Penrose (Tyrone), B Coulter (Down), O Mulligan (Tyrone).

Subs: J Devine (Tyrone), Joe McMahon (Tyrone), C McCarron (Tyrone), T McCann (Antrim), V Corey (Monaghan), O Lennon (Monaghan), P Finlay (Monaghan), C Gilligan (Derry), K Hughes (Monaghan).

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