Cork easily beat Down

Updated: March 12, 2011

Cork played host to Down in the tie of the round on Saturday and repeated of last years All Ireland Football Final victory.

Match report to follow

Cork (to play Down): K O’Halloran; R Carey, E Cadogan, M Shields; C O’Driscoll, P Kissane, D O’Sullivan; A O’Connor, A Walsh; F Goold, P Kelly, P O’Neill; D Goulding, C Sheehan, D O’Connor.

Down (to play Cork) : Cathal Murdock (Boireann),Gerald McCartan (Boireann),Dan Gordon (Loch an Oileáin),Luke Howard (Áth Bhriain),Aidan Branagan (Cill Chua),Kevin McKernan (Boireann),Declan Rooney (Boireann),Peter Fitzpatrick (Baile Mhairtín),Kalum King (Áth Bhriain),Daniel Hughes (Sabhaill),Mark Poland (Cloch Fhada),Conor Maginn (Áth Bhriain),Conor Laverty (Cill Chua),Ronan Murtagh (Baile Cholmáin),Martin Clarke (An Ríocht)

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