All Ireland Club Hurling and Football Finals 2014 results

Updated: March 18, 2014
joe canning

The All-Ireland Club Finals took place at Croke Park on St Patrick’s Dawith Portumna landing the hurling title and Dublin side St Vincents winning the football title.

St Vincents 4-12(24) 2-11(17) Castlebar Mitchells  FT

5:03pm St Vincents are the All-Ireland champions, they beat Castlebar by 7pts. 4-12 to 2-11

5:01pm Shane Carty kicks a nice point for St Vincents

4:57pm Danny Kirby keeps the game alive with a GOAL for Castlebar (57min played)

4:54pm Its another GOAL for St Vincents, who else but Diarmuid Connolly scores.

4:53pm Less than minutes to play and its all St Vincents.

4:50pm Connelly with another score, St Vincents lead by 4pts

4:47pm Two bad wides by Castlebar

4:44pm Darmuid Connolly responds with a GOAL for St Vincents

4:42pm Danny Kirby gets a GOAL for Castlebar, they lead by 1pt (42min played)

4:41pm Neil Lydon gets a much needed Castlebar point.

4:38pm Mossy Quinn kicks over an easy free, St Vincents lead by 3pts

4:36pm Mossy Quinn kicks Vincents in front

4:35pm Tom King and Shane Carty trade scores (35min played)

4:17pm  Barry Moran point leaves the sides level at Half time

4:11pm GOAL for St Vncents

4:10pm Durkan kicks Castlebar three points ahead

4:06pm Neil Lydon kicks Castlebar in front.

4:03m Two super saves by the Castlebar keeper

4:01pm Douglas with a leveling point for Castlebar

3:59pm Neil Lydon with a point for Castlebar

3:55pm Michael Concur gets a GOAL for St VIncents

3:52pm Diarmuid Connelly gets a nice score from play for St Vincents.

3:51pm Castlebar are back level.

3:48pm Two wides for Castlebar and a huge blow as Richie Feeney gets a black card.

3:46pm Opening score for Eamonn Fennell for St VIncents

Portumna 0-19 0-11 Mount Leinster Rangers FT

3:17pm Game over and Portumna win by 8pts

3:15pm Joe Canning free goes to Hawk Eye after been waved wide, he gets his 9th point of the day

3:14pm Edward Coady is sent off and Joe Canning scores the resulting free puck.

3:12pm Joe Canning point from an easy free. (57min played)

3:11pm Paul Coady gets MLR to within 5pts

3:08pm Joe Canning gets a point from play after MLR get a point.

3:05pm Ollie Canning & Damien Hayes with Portumna points 10min

3:00pm Dennis Murphy gets two quick points for MLR (45min played)

2:57pm Ronan O’Mara pucks Portumna 6pts ahead, nice score from play.

2:55pm Joe Canning free gives Portumna a five point lead.

2:53pm Ollie Canning point for Portumna

2:50pm Andy smith with a bad wide for Portumna. (35min played)

2:49pm Dennnis Murphy point for MLR

2:48pm Kevin Hayes puts Portumna 4pts ahead.

2:47pm @Boylesports are going Portumna -6 @5/6 Looks a super bet

2:45pm Paul Coady gets the first score of the second half.

2:32pm Portumna lead by 4pts at half time.

2:30pm Joe Canning free for Portumna.

2:28pm John Cody gets a point for MLR

2:26pm Stunning point by Damien Hayes

2:24pm No score for last five minutes

2:19pm Super point from play by Ollie Canning

2:18pm Another Joe Canning free, its now Portumna 0-06 0-03 MLR

2:15pm Joe Canning free extends the lead.

2:12pm Joe Canning pucks Portumna ahead.

2:11pm Super point by Chunky Hayes levels up the match.

2:10pm Naill Hayes gets a point for Portumna

2:08pm MLR go two ahead. Dennis Murphy free puck.

2:07pm Joe Canning levels it up, then Edward Byrne restores the MLR lead.

2:05pm Murphy opens the scoring for MLR

2:01pm Joe Canning misses an easy free

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