Connacht Football Championship – Leitrim won’t lack for effort against Roscommon

Updated: May 17, 2014

Leitrim manager Sean Hagan has assured the countys fans, that no matter what way Sundays Connacht championship clash with Roscommon ends up his side will not be criticised for lack of effort.

Hagan declared, “We left the squad under no illusions, we said we were going to divide it into three campaigns – the FBD, the National League and now the championship and we said we were going to analyse it after each section of that. It takes time to find out where your weaknesses are and we are addressing those as the season goes on.

“We’ve done that and the lads are happy enough, they know that we have to keep adding strength the whole time. After all, it is only nine months since we came in, it is our first season and it takes time to find out the credentials of all the lads, it is work in progress and we feel the team is developing and progressing the whole time.

‘These guys have a serious passion for the shirt, and no matter how Sunday turns out I guarantee nobody will be able to criticise them for lack of effort or lack of heart.

“We have great belief in the team, the record to date is 11 played, seven victories, two draws and two losses and one of those losses, we should have won on the day.

“I can’t compliment the lads enough, fantastic attitude, great commitment levels. I think every club footballer wants to play for their county team and that is a statement in itself.

“We’re trying to progress and all the guys know there is no hidden agenda, we’re trying to get Leitrim football up and running again and that is all we have in our mindset.


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