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Updated: September 18, 2012

Today at Croke Park, TG4 launched a new documentary about Hill 16 which will be broadcast on the station next Sunday night, 23rd September at 9:30pm.

Produced by Dublin based Square One Productions, this 30-minute documentary tells the amazing story of the most iconic structure in Irish sports through the fans who head for the Hill each year and the unique history of the structure known as “Hill 16″.

The programme includes some rare footage of the famous terrace and contributors include Tim Carey (Author of Croke Park: A history), Dr. Paul Rouse (Sports Historian, UCD School of history), Ger Brennan, David Henry
and Brian Mullins.

Everyone knows what “Hill 16″ is, but how many know the rich history and magic that occurs there on a match day when the fans bring this dormant volcano in Dublin’s Northside to life? Born into a changing Ireland in the early 1900s, Hill 16 was originally named Hill 60 after a battle in Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915 during WW1 that had a huge impact on Irish life.
Over the years it has been jam-packed by fans of all counties and has been witness to so much Irish history in its various incarnations as a terrace.

But one thing remains the same; the fans and their passion to support their team and no better illustrated than by Dublin GAA fans. This documentary illustrates the rich history and unique connection Dublin GAA players and
fans have with “Hill 16″, how that bond began and what makes it so special.

Producer / Director Shane Tobin said: “I can’t think of a more iconic structure in Irish history and one so interlinked with our national conscious and yet that so much remains unknown. We address the birth of the terrace and its renaming as Hill 16 in the 1930s to the 1960s but most of all we look at the link between the GAA fans and players who make it such a
special place especially for Dublin GAA since the 1970s adding the vibrancy and color to it but also placing huge pressure on it as a physical structure”. This documentary was made as part of the Cogar strand on TG4.
(It will be repeated on Monday 24th September at 8pm).

Cnoc 16 – TG4 – Sunday 23 September at 9:30pm

William Hill Sports

William Hill Sports

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