Loughnane GAA payment ‘hypocrites’ rant

Updated: March 9, 2012

Former Clare manager Ger Loughnane has accused some commentators of being “hypocrites” because of the opposition they showed to payment of GAA inter-county managers.

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Recalling how he had a Christmas hamper delivered to the door by the Clare secretary Pat Fitzgerald when they won the All-Ireland title in 1995, Loughnane said he didn’t know if payments to managers was rampant.

“How much is the GAA paying Christy Cooney for the last three years, or the full-time county secretaries all over the country? Why don’t the GAA give us that information? This is the question. Why are these people, and people who make a living from talking about hurling, why are they saying that managers shouldn’t be paid? It’s a type of hypocrisy.”

Loughnane recalled in the interview with Seán Bán Breathanach (for Radio Na Gaeltachta’s SBB Tráthnóna)  how he had been feeling tired and lacking energy for a number of weeks this time last year before his condition (leukemia) was diagnosed.

“I decided that I would do everything I could to treat this, no matter how hard it was.   That’s what I kept repeating to myself all the time, and I put great confidence in the doctors.”   The Clare native has since made a remarkable recovery.

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