National Football League Division 2 Result – Kildare 1-14 Cork 1-8

Updated: February 12, 2017

Kildare produced another dominant display in Newbridge to pick up their second win in the National Football League.

The recently promoted Lilywhites put themselves in pole position after Ben McCormack’s 50th minute goal gave them a seven-point advantage.

Six unanswered first half points put Cian O’Neill’s team clear but Cork fought back including a Luke Connolly goal.  But five late scores put Kildare on four points after two games.  Daniel Flynn opened for the Leinster side in the second minute before Connolly equalised.  And when Colm O’Neill split the posts, Cork led for the only time.

Peadar Healy’s team didn’t register again for 21 minutes as Kildare moved 0-7 to 0 with braces for McCormack, Kevin Feely and Neil Flynn.  A Connolly 45 reduced arrears but Cork would finish the opening 35 minutes without a score from play as another Flynn point left it 0-8 to 0-3 at half-time.

Cork started a mini revival through Paul Kerrigan and Aidan Walsh but it looked like Kildare were in control when Daniel Flynn found the net on 43 minutes.  However, that goal was disallowed after the ball had gone over the sideline in the build-up.  But a Tommy Moolick minor made it 0-9 to 0-5.

However, Kildare did get their green flag when McCormack but Cork responded with 1-2 unanswered in four minutes.  Tomas Clancy and Barry O’Driscoll got the white flags but Connolly’s speculative delivery in the 55th minute deceived the defence and they trailed by just 1-9 to 1-7.

But a Connolly free was Cork’s only addition as Kildare finished strongly.  Neil Flynn (3), Chris Healy and Paul Cribbin completed the tally leaving Kildare on maximum points before they travel to Derry in two weeks.


Kildare – Ben McCormack 1-2, Neil Flynn 0-5, Kevin Feely 0-2, Paul Cribbin 0-2, Daniel Flynn 0-1, Tommy Moolick 0-1, Chris Healy 0-1.

Cork – Luke Connolly 1-3, Colm O’Neill 0-1, Paul Kerrigan 0-1, Aidan Walsh 0-1, Tomas Clancy 0-1, Barry O’Driscoll 0-1.

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