Tim Tebow: Season of controversy finally over

Updated: January 15, 2012

The New England Patriots ended the Denver Bronco’s involvement in the playoffs, last night, and with it the curtain came down on a remarkable season for the Broncos polarizing new star, Tim Tebow.

Selected 25th overall pick in the 2010 draft, Tebow had been a star in the making last season, winning numerous weekly accolades whilst still being used sparingly. This season however, he has exploded, both on the field and in the mindset of the American people, generating more column inches than any other.

The Florida native almost single-handedly rescued many games for the Broncos and his outstanding ability to both pass and rush have made him a superstar. Tebow himself ran in for 12 touchdowns this season, and having wrestled starting position from Kyle Orton early on, never really looked back despite a couple of decidedly poor performances. For all that, he had one final redemption with a stellar shift in the first game of the playoffs, again setting records as his team defeated the Steelers to advance to their match up against the Patriots.

What has captivated the public even more than his ability however, are his religious beliefs. Mocked and revered in almost equal measure, the home schooled quarterback’s strong Baptist views and his displays of faith on the filed have inevitably made him both a target and a poster boy, depending on where people lie on the religious and liberalist spectrum.

Tebow’s use of eye black to display bible verses, since banned, and his frequent kneeling and praying, or “Tebowing” as it is now known, have exposed him to scorn from the educated liberal elite. Indeed, just like it was both considered fashionable and almost mandatory for those in the media to denounce George Bush, it has been “de rigueur” for chat show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon and Bill Maher to deride the quarterback for his faith, Maher’s comments being particularly crass, unfunny and designed purely to offend.

I’m not religious myself, but it seems to me that sections of the media are far to eager to ridicule those who profess to some sort of faith. Tebow himself is a role model and philanthropist and there are far more worthy targets of media scorn than a clean living successful non felonious quarterback, particularly in the seedy world of the NFL where criminality is rife.

Tebow has already established a foundation and a hospital, both, rather humbly, bearing his name, and thought there is certainly a religious overtone to all of it, it is admittedly founded on good intentions.

One could speculate how he might be treated had he belonged to another faith. It seems that for some religions, it is open season, and for others, nothing negative can be said. Free speech has been curtailed enormously by “liberalists” in recent years, but abusing a hard working dedicated star is not going to advance their agenda one bit.

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