Schumacher pleased with 2012 car

Updated: February 21, 2012

Michael Schumacher has said he is delighted with the new Mercedes W03 that he will drive during the 2012 season.

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The German believes it will take a few weeks to determine how competitive he can be this season, however.

Schumacher and teammate Nico Rosberg were present as the new car was revealed on Tuesday morning.

The German seven-time world champion has already driven the car at Silverstone, however.

Schumacher said: “Already last week, when we were driving the F1 W03 for the very first time, it instantly gave us good feedback and sensations.

“Obviously, we will only see over the next couple of weeks how big the step is that we have made, but I can say already that the guys and girls back in the factories at Brackley and Brixworth were brilliant in putting in so much effort.

“For my part, I am eager to fight again, looking forward to the new season, and I can’t wait for it to begin.”

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