Canoe Slalom: Olympic and International stars compete in Irish Open at Lucan this weekend

Updated: March 20, 2013

A great opportunity this weekend for fans of Irish Canoe Slalom to see the country’s top Olympic and International stars – not to mention the stars of the future – in action when the Irish Open takes place at Sluice in Lucan, County Dublin.

The weekend also sees the Irish Canoe Slalom Senior and Junior Team Selection races incorporated in what promises to be an exciting weekend for all taking part or attending the Championships.


Racing on both days will feature three time Olympian Eoin Rheinisch,  London 2012 finalist Hannah Craig and top ten World Cup Series finisher Ciarán Heurteau as well as the  talented U18 ,Liam Jegou who finished fourth at the Junior World Championships in USA last Summer. USA.

You can also see the cream of Junior and U23 squad members vying for their place on the National Team for the upcoming season. They will hope to qualify to compete at the Wold Championships in Liptovsky, Slovakia and the European Championships in Bourg St Maurice, France during July and August.


So go along to Sluice in Lucan and why not take your camera or iPhone  along  or video this exciting sport.


Regulars at the sport will know that Canoe Slalom is a fast and exciting sport and it’s rare to get an opportunity to see our best Seniors and Juniors competing at home. Most high quality Canoe Slalom races take place outside of Ireland as there aren’t suitable permanent facilities here. Nevertheless expect to witness some high quality racing this weekend.


The schedule includes the Irish Open on Sunday afternoon which will see many canoeists taking on the same course as our internationals.


The  sport is currently going through something of a revival due in no small part to the work of volunteers and club paddlers and the many people who will make this weekend happen, as well of course as the success of Hannah Craig in London and Eoin Rheinisch over many years.

So go along and  help support the sport to further  develop and in turn provide for our many Juniors with their eyes on Olympics 2016, 2020 and beyond.


You won’t regret it – better than a day in front of the television and you can keep in touch through your Smartphones or iPads with all the action in the world of sport here in our LIVE section on

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