Great weekend for Galway women at National Kettlebell Championships

Updated: February 25, 2014
Galway Kettlebell Club took home 3 medals at the annual  All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federations National Kettlebell Championships in Cork at the weekend.

  • Sarah Smith club coach and director took gold  in the professional division lifting with a bodyweight of 65.8kg lifitng a 24kg kettlebell for 10 minutes with a one hand switch in the Long Cycle discipline achieving 52 repetitions, this is the highest volume Sarah has ever completed and is one of a few women in Ireland and Europe competing at this level.
  • Kettlebell Sport ( Girevoy Sport ) is Russian and is a very gruelling and tough sport involving strength,endurance,flexibility and stamina as well as mind power.
  • Sarah competed at her first competition in July 2011 with an 8kg kettlebell and has competed  nationally at every AIKLF  competition since
  • She is the official Connaught representative and commitee member on AIKLF as well as coach and club director of Galway Kettlebells
Other winners from the club included Galway women:
  •  Michelle Sweeney, lifting 12Kg  in the Snatch amateur discipline category achieving Gold and Rank 1 in her discipline
  •  Maggie Duff  lifting a 12Kg in the  Long Cycle veteran discipline category
  • The two day event was held at The Commons Inn ,  Cork on Saturday 21st  and Sunday 22nd February.
  • Athletes were selected for The AIKLF ( All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation ) Irish Team in Snatch and Long Cycle to compete internationally.
  • With over 100 competitors in total battling it out on the day from various clubs  ( 17 in total )attending  from throughout Ireland including Cork,Dublin,Galway, Waterford,Wexford, Belfast, Limerick,Meath, Longford,Portlaoise, etc..there are over 225  official members of AIKLF.  ( )
  • Kettlebell weights start at 8kg for women and up to 24kg – for males they start at 12kg and go up to 32kg
  • There were several  athletes competing in various categories competing  including Juniors ( youngest was 11yrs old) Seniors,Veterans etc..
Galway Kettlebell Club is hosting a beginners 5 minute competition on Saturday 5th April and is looking for competitors to take part. For more details
Galway Kettlebell club is located at the Hibs soccer club in Bohermore.

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