Jack Woolley takes Silver medal at the Turkish Open today

Updated: February 15, 2018

Jack Woolley took Silver medal at the Turkish Open today.Turkish Open Final – Jack Woolley Silver 12-10 Golden Point Loss to MDA

Turkish Open Update:
Jack Woolley -58kg
R64 – Bye
R32 – Win 25-5 v Illia Kokshyntsau (BLR)
R16 – Win 26-14 v Niyaz Pulatov (UZB)
QF – Win 20-10 v Emircan Turan (TUR)
SF – Win 18-7 v (KAZ)
Final – Loss [Golden Point] 10-12 Stepan Dimitrov (MDA)

The final fight which was live on Turkish TV is on https://www.facebook.com/JackwoolleyOlympiChallenge/

Thanks Annette

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