Jose Aldo claims ‘McGregor was never champion’

Updated: November 29, 2016
Jose Aldo

To say some hard feelings remain on the part of the Brazilian would be an understatement.

145lb UFC champ Jose Aldo has today made the incredible claim that he never ceased to be the Featherweight Champion.

In one of the most notable and talked about finishes in the history of the franchise, Irishman Conor McGregor knocked Aldo out after just 13 seconds of their Featherweight title bout In December 2015, taking the belt from the first and only Featherweight belt holder to that point.

Rather than return to defend his 145lb belt versus Aldo, McGregor has since taken part in two Welterweight bouts versus Nick Diaz, as well as a Lightweight victory over Eddie Alvarez.

The Notorious’ decision not to defend his Featherweight title has since seen the Crumlin-native relieved of his belt, with interim champ Aldo now reclaiming what only he and McGregor have ever held.

Despite the fact that the Brazilian was essentially handed back his belt due to McGregor’s refusal to fight at 145, Aldo has today claimed that his conqueror was never truly champion.

In a bizarre interview with ESPN, the re-crowned champ declared:

‘It’s not my fault that he’s a coward. He was never the champion. I don’t see myself losing to anyone in my weight class or any other one.’

‘In my opinion, I never stopped being the champion. I lost that fight because of an accident.’

Whatever you say Jose…

 This certainly doesn’t look like too much of an accident:

Image result for aldo knockout youtube

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