Motor Racing: Michael Schumacher being ‘woken up’ from induced coma

Updated: January 30, 2014

Reports from French media including  L’Equipe suggest that Michael Schumacher is being slowly taken out of his induced coma but no formal statement is expected  from the Grenoble Hospital where he has been since his December 29th fall whilst on a family ski holiday.

Schumacher’s Manager Sabine Kehm issued this update this morning :

“Michael’s sedation is being reduced in order to allow the start of the waking-up process, which may take a long time.”

“For the protection of the family, it was originally agreed by the interested parties to communicate this information only once this process was consolidated.”

Kehm concluded : “The family of Michael Schumacher is again requesting for their privacy, and the medical secret, to be respected, and to not disturb the doctors treating Michael in their work.

“At the same time, the family wishes to express sincere  appreciation for the sympathy they have received from around the world.”

 Ms Kehm also told local French newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré,:

“Michael’s condition is still considered as stable. I also repeat that Michael’s family is very happy and confident with the work of the team of doctors treating Michael, and they trust them completely.”

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