PDC World Darts betting preview and fixtures and results

Updated: December 14, 2012

Christmas isn’t complete without some top quality darts on television and this Friday the best players in the world will gather at Alexandra Palace for the twentieth PDC World Darts Championships.

This year, they’ll be playing for the Sid Waddell Trophy, in honour of the legendary commentator who passed away earlier this year and without whom the tournament won’t quite be the same.

Before getting stuck into the antepost betting, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. The draw can be crucial and though on paper, the seeding system produces an even spread of talent; fluctuating form, injuries or head-to-head records can make one side of the draw tougher than the other. You might have found a likely contender but if he’s in the more difficult section, that price might not look so tempting.

This is also one of the longest tournaments on the professional darts calendar and certainly the most prestigious, with the biggest television audience. So be wary of backing players who haven’t experienced the intense pressure that comes with a two week long, high-profile tournament and certainly think twice about backing those who’ve buckled under that kind of pressure in the past.

Betting on PDC events always starts with one question. Phil Taylor: back or oppose?

It seems faintly ludicrous to talk about the decline of the 15 times World Champion, given that he has picked up five titles this season and looked as good as ever. But he has set the standard for so long that any minor failing is significant, and the fact remains that he hasn’t reached the final of the PDC World Championships for two consecutive years.

At the age of 52 is he lacking that edge of hunger and those reserves of stamina that you need to get through a gruelling tournament? Odds of 2/1 are still tempting for the greatest darts player ever, but the sport is becoming ever more competitive and I think we can oppose him once again this year.

According to the antepost betting, the main challenge will come from the rising star from the Netherlands, Michael van Gerwen. ‘Mighty Mike’ has had a breakthrough year, winning the World Grand Prix and finishing runner up in the Grand Slam of Darts.

At the age of 23, he is still clearly improving as a player, but odds of 4/1 are on the short side, given that he has yet to get beyond the last sixteen of the World Championship and is in the same half of the draw as Adrian Lewis.

Lewis is going for his third World Championship, but is being overlooked by many. It’s true that he’s had a disappointing year, but he has the priceless attribute of performing at his best on the big occasion.

Whereas some players seem to wilt under the pressure of this event, he seems to relish it. He’s also a battler. His comeback against James Wade in the semi-final last year was sensational and he was also able to turn around the final after trailing Andy Hamilton. At 12/1 he is excellent value.

Another proven performer available at double figures is Raymond van Barneveld. The six-time World Champion had been written off in recent months, with his form, his hunger for the game and even his attitude coming into question. But at the Grand Slam of Darts, he bounced back in style to beat van Gerwen in the final, playing some superb darts. If, as it seems, he is back to his best, 16/1 is a huge price.

Seasoned campaigner Simon Whitlock is also available at 16/1 and he’s arguably in the form of his life. He won the September Players Championship, beating Andy Hamilton in the final, then picked up the European Championship and has climbed to third in the world rankings.

Punters who back Whitlock know they’re going to get a good run from their money from this consistent player, and his ability to hit big checkouts make him a danger to any player in the world. Apart from Phil Taylor, that is. Whitlock has a poor record against Taylor and is in the same half of the draw, which has to temper enthusiasm for the Aussie.

Sadly, it’s also hard to see James Wade making an impact at 16/1. He was within a single dart of making the final last year but his form in 2012 has been patchy and at the moment he looks completely out of sorts.

Amongst the outsiders, it is something of a surprise to see last year’s finalist Andy Hamilton available at 40/1, given his solid form this year which has seen him reach the final stages of three tournaments and climb to eighth in the world rankings. He folded against Adrian Lewis in the final last year, but twelve months on, he’s a better player and he has to be in with a shout of reaching the final again.

And further down the list, there are a couple more players who have the potential to pull off a few shocks. Robert Thornton took a while to find his feet in PDC events but he made his breakthrough in 2012, beating Taylor to win the UK Open.

It was his first PDC final appearance since 2009 and he went on to beat Taylor again in the World Grand Prix. He can be erratic, but on his day, he is capable of beating anyone and is worth an each way punt at odds of 50/1.
Another outsider worth considering is Justin Pipe. ‘The Force’ is a late developer by modern darts standards, but has improved steadily throughout 2011 and 2012, picking up valuable experience in the big televised tournaments.

He isn’t a flashy player, but is thoroughly consistent and is a reliable finisher. Above all, his slow playing style can be unnerving for his opponents and he won’t lack for stamina. At 66/1, he’s another interesting each way prospect.

Recommended Bets:
Adrian Lewis @ 12/1
Raymond van Barneveld @ 16/1
Andy Hamilton e/w @ 40/1
Robert Thornton e/w @ 50/1
Justin Pipe e/w @ 66/1

2013 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship
Schedule of Play
Friday December 14 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Robert Thornton v Magnus Caris
8.15pm Andree Welge v Leung Chun Nam (P)
9.00pm Paul Nicholson v Co Stompe
10.00pm Adrian Lewis v Gino Vos
11.00pm Kevin Painter v Welge/Chun Nam

Saturday December 15
Afternoon Session (12pm-5pm)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
12.10pm Wayne Jones v Jerry Hendriks
1.15pm Daryl Gurney v Robert Marijanovic (P)
2.00pm Richie Burnett v James Hubbard
3.00pm Terry Jenkins v Steve Brown
4.00pm Andy Smith v Gurney/Marijanovic

Evening Session (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Dave Chisnall v Shane Tichowitsch
8.15pm Max Hopp v Charl Pietersen (P)
9.00pm John Part v Joe Cullen
10.00pm Phil Taylor v Michael Mansell
11.00pm Denis Ovens v Hopp/Pietersen

Sunday December 16 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Brendan Dolan v Mark Jones
8.15pm Jarkko Komula v Jani Haavisto (P)
9.00pm Andy Hamilton v James Richardson
10.00pm Raymond van Barneveld v Michael Smith
11.00pm Gary Anderson v Komula/Jaavisto

Monday December 17 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Peter Wright v Arron Monk
8.15pm Carlos Rodriguez v John Bowles (P)
9.00pm Mark Webster v Ian White
10.00pm James Wade v Peter Hudson
11.00pm Jamie Caven v Rodriguez/Bowles

Tuesday December 18 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Steve Beaton v Kyle Anderson
8.15pm Lourence Ilagan v Jamie Lewis (P)
9.00pm Wes Newton v Johnny Haines
10.00pm Mervyn King v Dean Winstanley
11.00pm Colin Osborne v Ilagan/J Lewis

Wednesday December 19 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Justin Pipe v Andy Jenkins
8.15pm Haruki Muramatsu v Dave Harrington (P)
9.00pm Ronnie Baxter v Dennis Priestley
10.00pm Colin Lloyd v Darin Young
11.00pm Simon Whitlock v Muramatsu/Harrington

Thursday December 20 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Mark Walsh v Darren Webster
8.15pm Paul Lim v Mohd Latif Sapup (P)
9.00pm Kim Huybrechts v Scott Rand
10.00pm Vincent van der Voort v Stuart Kellett
11.00pm Michael van Gerwen v Lim/Sapup

Friday December 21
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Hamilton/Richardson v Burnett/Hubbard
2.00pm Chisnall/Tichowitsch v A Smith/Gurney/Marijanovic
3.20pm Anderson/Komula/Haavisto v Caven/Rodriguez/Bowles

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Second Round
7.10pm T Jenkins/Brown v Part/Cullen
8.30pm Nicholson/Stompe v Thornton/Caris
9.50pm Taylor/Mansell v W Jones/Hendriks

Saturday December 22
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Painter/Welge/Chun Nam v Baxter/Priestley
2.00pm M Webster/White v Lloyd/Young
3.20pm van Barneveld/M Smith v Dolan/M Jones

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Second Round
7.10pm Newton/Haines v Huybrechts/Rand
8.30pm Whitlock/Muramatsu/Harrington v Osborne/Ilagan/J Lewis
9.50pm A Lewis/Vos v Ovens/Hopp/Pietersen

Sunday December 23
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Pipe/A Jenkins v Walsh/D Webster
2.00pm King/Winstanley v van der Voort/Kellett
3.20pm Wade/Hudson v Beaton/K Anderson

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
1x Second Round, 2x Third Round
7.10pm van Gerwen/Lim/Sapup v Wright/Monk
8.30pm Hamilton/Richardson/Burnett/Hubbard v T Jenkins/Brown/Part/Cullen
9.50pm Taylor/Mansell/W Jones/Hendriks v Nicholson/Stompe/Thornton/Caris

Thursday December 27
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Third Round
12.40pm Whitlock/Muramatsu/Harrington/Osborne/Ilagan/J Lewis v Chisnall/Tichowitsch/A Smith/Gurney/Marijanovic
2.00pm G Anderson/Komula/Haavisto/Caven/Rodriguez/Bowles v van Barneveld/M Smith/Dolan/M Jones
3.20pm Newton/Haines/Huybrechts/Rand v Pipe/A Jenkins/Walsh/D Webster

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Third Round
7.10pm van Gerwen/Lim/Sapup/Wright/Monk v M Webster/White/Lloyd/Young
8.30pm A Lewis/Vos/Ovens/Hopp/Pietersen v Painter/Welge/Chun Nam/Baxter/Priestley
9.50pm Wade/Hudson/Beaton/K Anderson v King/Winstanley/van der Voort/Kellett

Friday December 28 (7pm-11pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Saturday December 29 (7pm-11pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Sunday December 30 (7pm-11pm)

Tuesday January 1 (8pm-11pm)

Preliminary Round – Best of Seven Legs (no tie-break)
First Round – Best of Five Sets
Second Round – Best of Seven Sets
Third Round – Best of Seven Sets
Quarter-Finals – Best of Nine Sets
Semi-Finals – Best of 11 Sets
Final – Best of 13 Sets
All Sets are the best of five legs.


  1. Brain Stevens

    12/12/2012 at 9:00 pm

    Really fancy James Wade at 16/1, he is always there or there abouts and this could be his year.

  2. Noel Curran

    12/12/2012 at 9:01 pm

    Michael van Gerwen, is going to be the name to remember this year, he has been awesome all season.

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