Snickers campaign – “Who He is When He’s hungry”

Updated: August 14, 2013

Munster Rugby Captain, Peter O’Mahony was in Dublin on Wednesday to launch the Snickers campaign – “Who He is When He’s hungry”

Snickers knows you’re not you when you’re hungry and recognises that hunger pangs can easily trigger Joan Collins diva-like behaviour in the most considered of guys. This summer Snickers® is raising the hunger stakes by asking the Irish nation Who Are You When You’re Hungry.

Hunger does not bring out the best in people. The good people at Snickers® have seen that it makes people grumpy, irritable, whiney and generally unhappy. To help the Irish recognise when they’re hungry, Snickers has created the Hungry-Me Generator app; an online tool which shows your hungry side. All you have to do is upload a picture, adjust the machine and see your hungry mirror image by choosing from five different hunger types. Know your hunger so you can solve the problems it brings with a Snickers®.

To help those who don’t yet know their hunger signs, Snickers® has created Hunger Squads who are armed with 1000’s of Snickers barsand will be inviting people to the Snickers Hunger Zones on-street and at major sporting events to find out Who They Are When They’re Hungry, and be in with a chance to win the ultimate weekend away.

With his no-nonsense style of play and hunger for the game, recently selected Munster captain for the upcoming season, Peter O’Mahony,commented at the launch; “Hunger can drastically change your personality. When I’m hungry I’m not on my game and don’t perform as well and there’s no time for caveman-like responses when on the pitch, so it’s important that I’m well-fuelled before a game . Snickers is the bar of substance that sorts you out.”

To find out Who You Are When You’re Hungry, head to

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