Tennis star Lleyton Hewitt branded a racist in Facebook attack

Updated: July 15, 2013

American tennis star Michael Russel has launched an all out verbal assault on legendary Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt, taking to Facebook to call him a racist.

Russel was knocked out of the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in Rhode Island in the semi-final by Mahut, who then beat Hewitt in the final.

Hewitt blamed fatigue on his loss to Mahut in the final, prompting Russel to take to Facebook to launch the attack on the Aussie.

“Lleyton Hewitt – what a douche bag and a racist by the way too,” the Facebook post said.

“How about you choked and stopped making excuses.”

“I would have loved to see Mahut/Hewitt on the side court 1 at Newport and see how many excuses Lleyton would have made then.”

Hewitt was accused of being a racist back in 2001 in an incident involving James Blake and a linesman, but Hewitt denied the accusations, saying the outburst had zero racial undertones.

It is still unknown why Russel launched the attack on the former world number one.

Early indications suggested that Russels Facebook had been hacked, but his wife ‘liked’ many of the statuses, all but ruling out the suggestion that his facebook was hacked.

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