Watch Heineken’s epic video of their latest campaign “Stage Fright”

Updated: April 9, 2014
stage fright

Over the past six weeks, Heineken called out to the Irish nation to come forth with their own extraordinary talents for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to a private paradise island in Belize.

Never a brand to settle for ordinary, Heineken set all-new parameters for the unsuspecting Irish legends when they least expected it. Arriving at a hidden location in Dublin, to what they thought was the final casting to be in with a chance of winning the amazing prize, the talented legends were taken by surprise when the walls of the casting studio fell away to reveal a jam-packed theatre of hundreds of people and one spotlight. Would they live up to the challenge?


Heineken certainly divided the lambs from the legends; from mind-boggling spoon-bending to spectacular ice sculpturing, it was clear from the calibre of talent that the premium lager brand was certainly looking to push the boundaries of what makes a talent truly legendary.


As the Irish legends settle back into civilisation with a newfound fan base, the nation can now watch their impromptu performances via the Heineken Ireland YouTube channel on the video titled STAGE FRIGHT.

The video was inspired by the visually spectacular television advert, Odyssey, which was filmed against the backdrop of a cruise ship, with characters who prove that, given a crab claw, a banister, or even a conga line, everyone is legendary at something! We’ll raise a glass

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