Westwood apologises for swearing

Updated: February 7, 2012

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Lee Westwood knew he was in trouble when his mother gave him a call after his final round at the Qatar Masters.

He was caught on television swearing after his tee shot on the 16th tee and the first person to call him on it was his mother. After his round of 3-under 69 for a tie for 12th, he said his mother heard the profanity and suggested he apologize.

Westwood promptly turned to Twitter to do just that.

He tweeted “Sorry about swearing on the 16th tee. Came off like a rocket and thought it was going further! Wash my mouth out! Perils of live tv.”

In Dubai this week, Westwood refused to say what he had said, only that “there are worse words actually.”

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