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Sunday 18 September

All-Ireland Senior FC final
Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, 3.30pm - RTE & SKY

All-Ireland Minor FC final
Galway v Kerry, Croke Park, 1.15pm – TG4

Saturday 4 February 2017

Division 1: Mayo v Monaghan.
Division 2: Down v Fermanagh.
Division 3: Laois v Louth.

Saturday 5 February 2017

Division 1: Cavan v Dublin, Donegal v Kerry, Tyrone v Roscommon.
Division 2: Derry v Clare, Galway v Cork, Meath v Kildare.
Division 3: Longford v Offaly, Sligo v Armagh, Tipperary v Antrim.
Division 4: Waterford v London, Westmeath v Carlow, Wicklow v Leitrim, Wexford v Limerick.

Round 2

Saturday 11 February 2017

Division 1: Dublin v Tyrone (tbc), Kerry v Mayo.
Division 3: Armagh v Laois.
Division 4: Waterford v Wicklow


Sunday 12 February 2017

Division 1: Roscommon v Donegal, Monaghan v Cavan.
Division 2: Clare v Down, Fermanagh v Galway, Kildare v Cork, Meath v Derry (tbc).
Division 3: Lough v Longford, Offaly v Antrim, Tipperary v Sligo.
Division 4: Carlow v London, Limerick v Westmeath, Leitrim v Wexford.

Round 3

Saturday 25 February

Division 1: Mayo v Roscommon, Tyrone v Cavan.
Division 2: Down v Meath.
Division 3: Laois v Tipperary.

Sunday 26 February

Division 1: Donegal v Dublin, Kerry v Monaghan.
Division 2: Cork v Fermanagh, Derry v Kildare, Galway v Clare.
Division 3: Antrim v Sligo, Longford v Armagh, Offaly v Louth.
Division 4: Wicklow v London, Westmeath v Leitrim, Carlow v Limerick, Wexford v Waterford.

Round 4

Saturday 4 March

Division 1: Cavan v Donegal, Dublin v Mayo (tbc), Tyrone v Monaghan.

Sunday 5 March

Division 1: Roscommon v Kerry.
Division 2: Clare v Cork, Meath v Galway, Derry v Down, Kildare v Fermanagh.
Division 3: Armagh v Offaly, Louth v Antrim, Sligo v Laois, Tipperary v Longford.
Division 4: Limerick v London, Leitrim v Carlow, Waterford v Westmeath, Wicklow v Wexford.

Round 5

Saturday 18 March

Division 1: Donegal v Tyrone.
Division 2: Down v Kildare.
Division 3: Carlow v Waterford.

Sunday 19 March

Division 1: Kerry v Dublin, Mayo v Cavan, Monaghan v Roscommon.
Division 2: Cork v Meath, Fermanagh v Clare, Galway v Derry.
Division 3: Longford v Sligo, Louth v Armagh, Offaly v Tipperary, Antrim v Laois.
Division 4: Wexford v London, Limerick v Leitrim, Westmeath v Wicklow.

Round 6

Saturday 25 March

Division 1: Dublin v Roscommon, Donegal v Monaghan.
Division 3: Armagh v Antrim, Laois v Longford.
Division 4: Waterford v Limerick.

Sunday 26 March

Division 1: Cavan v Kerry, Tyrone v Mayo.
Division 2: Derry v Cork, Kildare v Clare (tbc), Meath v Fermanagh (tbc), Down v Galway (tbc).
Division 3: Sligo v Offaly, Tipperary v Louth.
Division 4: Leitrim v London, Wexford v Westmeath (tbc), Wicklow v Carlow.

Round 7

Sunday 2 April

Division 1: Kerry v Tyrone, Mayo v Donegal, Monaghan v Dublin, Roscommon v Cavan.
Division 2: Clare v Meath, Cork v Down, Fermanagh v Derry, Galway v Kildare.
Division 3: Armagh v Tipperary, Louth v Sligo, Offaly v Laois, Antrim v Longford.
Division 4: Westmeath v London, Leitrim v Waterford, Carlow v Wexford, Limerick v Wicklow.