Leinster Rugby’s season a failure without silverware says Rob Kearney

Updated: May 27, 2014
Leinster's Rob Kearney

Leinster full back Rob Kearney has stated their 2014 season will be a failure should they not pick up the RaboPro12 trophy against Glasgow on Saturday. Having seen their Heineken Cup dreams come crashing down against Toulon, it gives Kearney and Leinster the chance to continue the winning trend they cultivated over the last number of years going.

“Anytime you play in a season and you don’t win trophies, it is a failure,” said Kearney. “We failed in Europe this year. We have a chance to win in the Rabo and we will be going for it. You have to set out at the start of the season with goals to win both competitions.

“If you don’t do that, harsh as it is your season is a failure. Given the nature of how we finished up the last four or five years with silverware, this game is pretty important to us given the transition that has occured over the last season.”

Kearney believes that the Pro12 did them no favours as preparation for their Heineken Cup quarter-final defeat to the French giants as mistakes Leinster would’ve gotten away with against Pro12 teams were punished by Europe’s best.

“You probably make a valid point that, sometimes the standard of the Rabo can dip a little bit and you can get away with things in that competition that you would get punished for in Europe, which probably did happen to us a little bit. That’s why it is really important that you always judge yourself against your own standards and although we won a lot of games, we finished the league at the very top, we got beaten by the European Champions.

“Solely looking at it from a results point of view, this has been a really successful year for us but if you analyze our performances throughout the year, they don’t match up like with like. You’ve got to be very honest and very critical of yourselves as well, judging by your own standards, as opposed to the standard of some of the other teams in the league.”

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