Harte unhappy with Trap

Updated: April 26, 2012

Having been named in the PFA Team of the Year for the third season in a row, former Republic of Ireland international Ian Harte has stated that he deserves to be called up to the national team once more.

Speaking back in 2009; the Drogheda native said that Trapattoni didn’t even know he was Irish and that the fact the Italian was only watching players on dvd was a ‘disgrace.’

Harte continued to say:  “Fabio Capello (the then England manager) goes to games and so should Trapattoni.”

The 34-year-old, who was named in the PFA Championship Team of the Year last week, also bemoaned some of the British-born players selected by Irish boss Giovanni Trapattoni, as he has not played for Ireland for over five years, despite always making himself available to the national team.

“I played pretty well last year as well,” Harte told the Reading Post, referring to the PFA honour.  “The manager, Giovanni Trapattoni, did not come and see me all season.

“It would be nice for a shout [now] but I don’t think it will happen. I was speaking to a few of the players and they said he did not realise I was Irish even though I have played 67 times, scored 11 goals and am the second leading scorer in the squad!”

“I am Irish as well and there are a lot of players in the Irish squad that are not even Irish,” he added, referring to the fact that are just seven Irish-born players expected to be announced in the 23-man squad for Euro 2012.

“It just goes to show that a lot of these foreign managers don’t do their research.”

Here, here Ian.  It’s good to see that it’s not just me who views Trapattoni as a once great manager who is now happy to cash in his pension from the FAI and Denis O’Brien.

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