Hawkins: It’s the dole queue next for some Rovers flops

Updated: September 25, 2012

Shamrock Rovers player-coach Colin Hawkins says that some of his team mates will be lucky to get another contract with any club after such a terrible showing this season.

“The dole queue is only a few weeks away and that could be a reality for some players here because what’s gone on has not been good enough,” Hawkins says in the Evening Herald.

“It has been embarrassing. It’s easy to say as a player that you’re fighting for a new contract with your club but that’s not the case here.

“After some of the recent performances, some players here would not get a contract with a First Division club, let alone get a new contract from Rovers.

“Drogheda beat us fair and square on Friday, and if you were the Drogheda manager looking for players for next season I don’t think you would be signing too many Shamrock Rovers players.”

Rovers travel to Richmond Park tonight to take on third place St. Patrick’s Athletic tonight after losing 3-1 to Drogheda United in Saturday’s EA Sports Cup final.

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