Transfer News: Five Players that Manchester United could sign in January

Updated: January 15, 2014
Old Trafford

January Transfer News for Manchester United: Never has Manchester United’s need to strengthen been so obvious and so necessary.

Since the glory days of the last twenty years or so United have been in a deep period of transition and the weaknesses to their current squad have been exposed.

The squad is in huge need of surgery. The start of this season has shown that the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson, a fully fit Robin Van Persie and a poor Manchester City allowed United to comfortably win the title last season. This year’s title is out of their grasp but let’s look at what players can help to boost their challenge for the ‘top 4’.

Leighton Baines

It’s an obvious target for Man United at this stage. He was pursued towards the end of the summer but to no avail. The left-back area needs to be addressed. The question is if Baines is the best replacement for Patrice Evra in the long run. He is 28 years of age and will command a high transfer fee so in terms of value, a lot of fans will question this purchase if it occurs. Buying one of his own players, Marouane Fellaini, has backfired on David Moyes so far and it will be interesting to see if he takes the risk again.

Baines certainly has qualities that would help United and also help Baines’s chances of securing a starting position for England. United have also struggled to create chances from wide areas this season and Baines would certainly be an improvement in that area. There is no doubt that Baines would improve United but it’s the value of the transfer is what may put this move on hold. They already paid ridiculously over the odds for Fellaini and inter league transfers always add a few million to any transfer fee. It will be interesting to see if this one develops.

Luke Shaw

Maybe Southampton’s eighteen year old left-back may be a more viable option for Moyes. He is a similar player to Baines and in terms of age there would certainly be better value in acquiring his services. Obviously there are still question marks over his age, physical development, mentality to deal with a big move and so on but he looks to be a player of outstanding potential. Along with Adam Lallana, he has been the brightest spark of Southampton’s outstanding season so far.

At such a young age, it may be difficult to prize him away. A few years playing in the Premier League with Southampton may well be the best thing for Shaw, but he only has to look at Gareth Bale. Bale was a promising left-back at Southampton, made a big money move at the age of sixteen, and while it took a while for that move to work, he is now the most expensive player in the history of the game playing for Real Madrid. Circumstances were slightly different seen as Southampton were not a Premier League club at that time but it still may tempt Shaw away. Southampton may well have to prepare themselves for bids from Unite and Chelsea.
Marco Reus

He is a player that United continue to be linked with although a move in January is gaining momentum. He would be tied for the Champions League and it would be strange to see Reus leave his native German league in a World Cup year. Saying that United are in desperate need of some quality in the wide areas and Reus has been one of the best in Europe over recent seasons.

He would probably command a big transfer fee or maybe the out of favour Shinji Kagawa could be used as part of the deal. He hasn’t made an impact under David Moyes and appears to be out of favour. Borrusia Dortmund did try to bring Kagawa back to the club so maybe there could be a possibility of such a deal occurring. Reus would definitely improve United and he is the kind of big name signing that they need to move forward.

Ander Herrera

They made a final day move for this player in the summer and it will be interesting to see if they go back in for him again. Nobody knows the full story behind this deal on the final day of the transfer window but United definitely came out of the story with a deal of embarrassment. Either way they were willing to pay €36 million for Herrera so Moyes is obviously fond of the player.

He is a central midfielder and United are crying out for at least one player in this position. While La Liga may not be the strongest league, Spain is definitely to top country for producing central midfield players. Herrera was also part of an Atheltico Bilbao team that destroyed United in the Europa League a few years ago, so it’s hard to see how he wouldn’t be an improvement and what’s already there. It would be great for United supporters if there was a bid made.

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