Mourinho suing journalist for ‘hit and run’ comment

Updated: September 21, 2012

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is taking legal action against a journalist from Spanish papaer Marca who referred to the manager as ‘the type of person who would flee after knocking someone down.’

Real Madrid are also considering bringing a case against former Barcelona director Alfons Godall who called Mourinho a ‘psycopath’ for his celebration of Ronaldo’s winning goal against Manchester City on Tuesday.

Marca published part of the letter from Mourinho’s legal team saying, “This expression is objectively humiliating and the use of it was completely unnecessary to achieve the objective of the article.

“Mourinho is fully aware of the importance of the right of freedom of expression, and has not and will never take legal action against rightful criticism.”
(translation via Guardian)

Mourinho is seeking €15,000 in damages which he will donate to his son’s club CD Canillas.

Madrid are seeking legal advice on how to proceed after Godall’s comments.

“A shame the psychopath celebrates his goals as if he was a player. It would be something to make up for the frustration of having been a very bad player,” Godall tweeted. “The psychopath’s team has saved three points.”

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