Twigg – “The league is moving on”

Updated: April 2, 2012

Gary Twigg has begun the season in stunning fashion and on Friday night scored his fifth goal of the season to help Shamrock Rovers to a 2-0 win over Bohemians in Tallaght. After the game, Alex Murray caught up with the Scottish striker to get his feeling on the game and the season ahead.

SportsNewsIreland: How do you think the game went?

Gary Twigg: Yeah not bad, it was always going to be difficult. It took a while to get the goal and thankfully we got the breakthrough.

SNI: Do you think the fans played a massive role in this fixture?

GT: Yeah obviously, we see how good they are, we see what they bring for us. I mean, it’s a connection sometimes and at the end of the day we were just delighted to win the game for them. I know what it’s like being a fan in a local derby and it’s often a case of no matter how you win as long as you win.

SNI: It took a while to break a strong Bohemians side down, where you finally delighted to grab the first goal of the game?

GT: Yeah, we knew it’d be difficult. The chance came in the 80th minute and I was delighted to see it hit the back of the net and then Billy (Dennehy) grabbed the next goal. At the end of the day it was a 2-0 victory and we’re happy.

SNI: Do you find Bohemians hard to break down?

GT: Yeah, as I said we knew how hard it was going to be. We knew they were going to come and sit in and we knew we had to be patient and we were, we kept chasing it and kept passing it around and we got our rewards at the end of the day.

SNI: With Shamrock Rovers now top of the league table, do you think Rovers will start pulling away from the rest or do you expect another close league?

GT: No, It’s going to be really difficult this season. We got so many good teams, to name a few, Pats, Sligo, Derry even Cork City. Everybody raises their game against us so no we won’t be breaking away, hopefully Rovers will be the ones at the end of the season lifting the league title once again.

SNI: Despite your great start, how does it feel strange not having Michael O’Neill around?

GT: Yeah, that’s football like, people move on. Mick has moved on now, that aid is gone you know what I mean. I look forward to winning things with the new manager (Stephen Kenny) and things are looking good, thankfully.

SNI: How are you settling in with the new Rovers signings?

GT: Yeah it’s great, the boys have settled in brilliantly, we’re playing good football you know what I mean and we’re winning games that definitely helps. It’s been top class, we enjoy everything he’s done and everything he’s bringing to the team.

SNI: Are you excited to play in Europe once again?

GT: Yeah it will be good hopefully we get a good draw. It’s going to be very hard to do what we did last season, but no, we’re certainly give it a good go and hopefully, as I said, the draw is kind to us.

SNI: Can you see any team repeating what Shamrock Rovers did last season?

GT: Yeah, I think the league is moving on you know what I mean. It’s probably been the best since a long time you know, as I say like, we just concentrate on ourselves, don’t worry about other league teams. We just have to keep playing and keep working hard. Hopefully we’re up there at the end of the year.

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