What is Kenny Dalglish tweeting about?

Updated: September 26, 2012
Kenny's tweets

Twitter isn’t always the most rational place on the internet, and that’s saying something, but Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has really confused his nearly half a million followers in the last day.

Dalglish’s verified account usually sticks to sports, particularly Liverpool’s fortunes and occasional glimpses of that Glasgow wit – “Messi must score. He is too small to play premiership!!! They said. Must have been the Guinness Premiership.”

Yesterday though, Dalglish tweeted bizarre snippets of what appeared to be accidentally public direct messages and surreal humour.

At first followers speculated he had enjoyed a shandy too many, but that notion was dispelled with a terse “No alcohol involved”, it appears though that he was in fact just being a typical embarrassing dad, sharing some jokes with his daughter Kelly and forgetting to use the @ button.

Still though, “The person who invented the toothbrush was Spanish. Juanita!!!” – what that means is anyone’s guess.

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