Meath manager situation “Boylan” over

Updated: April 18, 2012

With a huge amount of uncertainty emanating out of the Meath footballing camp, it is hard to know which way tonight’s meeting of the county board will go.

There is expected to be a motion put forward to remove current manager Seamus McEnaney from the position and go forward into this summer’s All-Ireland campaign with a fresh face in charge.

But how fresh a face will the new man be?

The man expected to take the reign is what can only be described as a hero to the Royals. He won 15 major titles, including four All-Ireland football trophies in 23 years at the helm and is regarded by the Meath faithful as their greatest manager ever. Enter Sean Boylan.

The influence of the dressing room is looking to be the key as to whether McEnaney keeps his job or not, with the decision not as cut and dry as was initially thought. Originally, the Meath panel looked like they were fully backing the Monaghan man.

The panel subsequently met on Monday evening and were expected to release a statement on Tuesday as to their position. However, the consensus has reportedly changed, with the majority feeling that the best way forward is to appoint a new manager.

All eyes will be on Navan this evening as the Meath County Board will meet and ultimately decide the fate of Seamus McEnaney. Should he be removed as manager, it would pave the way for the potential return of a Meath legend and the chance of redemption for a proud footballing county.

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