Katie Taylor remains world number one

Updated: April 25, 2012
To no one’s surprise Katie Taylor retains her no. 1 ranking in the Lightweight 60kg category ahead of next month’s World Championships and Olympic qualifier in Qinhuangdao.

The rankings are as at 01 April 2012 and will be reviewed  again  at the AIBA Seeding Commission’s meeting in China but only after the actual weigh in has taken place so in my opinion this current ranking list is likely to be much changed before the Worlds get under way.

The AIBA tells us that this very first edition (rankings)  includes the results at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Barbados 2010, the AIBA Youth Women’s World Boxing Championships Antalya 2011, the European Women’s Boxing Championships Rotterdam 2011, the 2012 American Women’s Championships and the 2012 Asian Women’s Championships.

“Launching the AIBA Women’s World Ranking makes me really proud. I have always been convinced that the future of our sport will be led by Women’s participation. Boxing is growing very fast and I cannot wait to witness the first women boxers competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games”, stated Dr Ching-Kuo Wu, AIBA President.

At the upcoming AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Qinhuangdao 2012, the AIBA Seeding Commission will review all current rankings and approve the seeding immediately after the General Weigh-in and before the Official Draw”

It is ‘unthinkable’ that Sofia Ochigava will remain at no 8 in the final list and a move to no 2 or 3 seems likely. Her ranking is so low only because she was out of boxing due to serious injury for some 9 months or so and missed several ranking tournaments.

Here is the current top 20 in the latest official rankings: (the points relate to qualifying events under the AIBA rankings system)

1 TAYLOR, Katie IRELAND 2000 -
2 DONG, Cheng CHINA 1300 -
3 GRACZYK, Karolina POLAND 900 -
4 ARAUJO, Adriana BRAZIL 900 -
5 UNDERWOOD, Quanitta USA 850 -
6 ELISEEVA, Denitsa BULGARIA 850 -
7 SARITA DEVI, Laishram INDIA 800 -
8 OCHIGAVA, Sofya RUSSIA 600 -
9 MAVZUNA, Chorieva TAJIKISTAN 600 -
10 SANCHEZ, Dayana ARGENTINA 600 -
11 BERGHULT, Patricia SWEDEN 600 -
12 FALK, Helena SWEDEN 500 -
13 TAPIA, Kiria PUERTO RICO 500 -
14 GILCA, Irina MOLDOVA 500 -
15 BASAR, Gamze TURKEY 500 -
18 KIM, Hye Yong DPR KOREA 450 -
19 BIZIER, Sandra CANADA 450 -
20 EGNER, Ingrid NORWAY 350


Remember though that this is the 60kg list so you will also have a number of world and regional titleholders from the 57kg, 64kg and arguably other weight divisions to factor in before any final seedings will be released on the day of the draw in China. What is for sure is that, illness or injury apart, Katie Taylor will be No. 1 and rightly so. So who else can be added to or removed from this list. Remember each country can only enter ONE boxer therefore several of those listed here are unlikely to be their country’s first choice eg: Gulsum Tatar the world champ at 64kg – and likely to be one of Taylor’s greatest threats is ‘most likely’ to be the Turkish entry rather than Gamze Basar.  Queen Underwood is more than likely to be higher than number five and for sure Great Britain’s Natasha Jonas will be in the top 10, especially on home territory. Because GB have been rotating their 60kg tournament entrants between Jonas,Amanda Coulson and Chantelle Cameron she has sometimes been in the 64kg category.up to now.

Gulsum Tatar, the world no 1 at 64kg will ‘almost certainly’ be the Turkish choice. She too, like Taylor, has accumulated 2000 points under  the current rankings system and it is likely to be a ‘close call ‘ between her and Ochigava as to who is seeded no 2 which will be all important for such as Taylor who would not face the no 2 until the final, should they both reach that stage. Since the Russians head the 57kg ratings  some of Taylor’s possible ‘serious challengers’ will not be in China (ie: only one per country rule)  and therefore would not be eligible for  London either.  Others in  the current top 20 who are “possibles” for eventual significant moves up the rankings list include the Scandinavians Helena Falk and Ingrid Egner, both of whom Taylor has often defeated though Falk will first of all have to be selected by Sweden in front of Patricia Berghult and Klara Svensson (64kg) and that is not certain. It could be that Sweden opts for the very promising Berghult.
With so much controversy currently regarding “Tripartite Places” let us not even look at the possibility of that  situation being of interest to Ireland after China !

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