Petrol bomb scare for Force India F1 team

Updated: April 19, 2012

Following the recent off track controversies relating to the Mercedes “Double DRS”. F1 was brought into an another drama today.

Reports have emerged of a Force India team members’ car being attacked with a petrol bomb on it’s way back from the circuit on Wednesday night.

The reports state no one was injured in the incident, however at least one member of the Force India team has returned home.

The Bahrain International Circuit issued a statement referring to “an isolated incident involving a handful of illegal protesters acting violently towards police. “During this incident a Molotov Cocktail landed in the vicinity of their vehicle. After approximately two minutes, the route was cleared and the vehicle carried on its journey,” it added. “There were no casualties and eyewitness reports from the scene confirmed that their vehicle had not been targeted itself.”

The circuit added that it had confidence in the authorities to deal with such incidents “and can confirm that all the usual precautions are being taken around the track to ensure the level of security is maintained”.

This incident comes just days after Bahrain track management said they expected “no problems”. Last Friday, Bernie Ecclestone pleaded for calm and end to speculation regarding the event.

The 2011 event was cancelled due to political unrest in the region. As things stand the race will take place as planned on Sunday.

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