“Kerry GAA needs investment” says Paul Galvin

Updated: April 24, 2012
Kerry footballer and ‘fashionista’ Paul Galvin paid a welcome return to ‘Setanta Sports ‘ iTalkSport.’ programme at the weekend and as usual his comments were both interesting and thought provoking.
Among the topics discussed were the state of Kerry football, and Barcelona’s likely  influence on  Gaelic football.

On investment:

“I think in Kerry there is a need for investment in facilities. There’s actually no centre, no headquarters where you can have a holistic approach and get under 12’s, 14’s, 16’s, minors, under 21’s and seniors together. There’s probably a need for investment in coaches. I think
there’s also a need for investment in strength and conditioning probably as well – even something like physiotherapy and injury rehab.
Kerry’s lack of physicality:

It seems more and more apparent to me that senior All-Irelands today are being won with sports science. There’s a lot of sports science expertise being applied now. We saw that the last day with Mayo.
I felt it last year against Mayo when we played them in the semi-final – there was something different about them. They were certainly more athletic and they were well conditioned.
Good conditioning not only improves you physically, it gives you an inner belief and a psychological edge. I think Mayo have a touch of that about them.
The new boys we (Kerry) have, I wouldn’t agree that they’re not ready for Championship football but at under age football we’re lagging behind physically.
I think in Kerry at underage level we have a bit of a problem in terms of actual size. There’s not a whole lot you can do about that but we can certainly improve our conditioning at underage level.
A developing game, style:
I think the next development you’ll see in Gaelic football will be that type of a team (Barcelona) that is hard to tackle. The tackle has become a big part of the GAA, I think the next type of team you’ll see will be an agile, quick team that are difficult to tackle, that can slip tackles, that are very good with the ball. I think that could be the next type of a style of football you’ll see.
Regarding size, in Kerry at underage level we have a problem in terms of actual size. There isn’t a whole lot you can do about that but we can certainly improve our conditioning.
I was a much more physical, aggressive player when I started out but I felt that there was only so far I was going to get playing that way. I had to put more faith in my ability, especially my kicking ability. As a Kerry footballer, you have to be able to kick the ball well. There is a balance, you have to be able to withstand the physicality but you also have to be able to create in the game and create and be skilful in the game.
Losing to Mayo in League semi-finals in front of a sparsely populated Croke Park:
It was funny, there was a bit of an eerie atmosphere. I couldn’t say it had any great effect on our performance. Obviously you would always prefer a full house.
So no doubt Kerry fans will be hoping to see Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas and Co. down at Fitzgerald Stadium before long passing on some tips to  the Gooch, Declan O’Sullivan and the O’Se’s, not to mention Paul Galvin  !
‘Setanta Sports ‘ iTalkSport.’ always a great start to your sporting weekend

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