Clare beat Cork in Munster Minor Hurling

Updated: May 10, 2012

Clare came back from a poor start to easily beat Cork in Cusack Park on Thursday evening.

Bobby Duggan was the star for Cork getting into double figures on the score board. Pa O’Callaghan was the star for Cork and he scored the only goal of the night.

Clare play Limerick at home on the 29th of June.

Full match report to follow

Munster MHC semi-final second playoff
Clare 0-18 1-09 Cork, Cusack Park FT

Live commentary from
8:13pm Full time in Cork. Man of the match Bobby Duggan.
8:12pm Niall Deasy gets the last score of the game for Clare.
8:11pm Pity Cork did not wake up for the first fifteen minutes of the second half.
8:09pm Pa O’Callaghan the star for Cork in the second half gets a GOAL. A little too late one thinks.
8:07pm Niall Deasy puts Clare seven up again.
8:05pm Pa O’Callaghan gets another for Cork, they are seven down with nine to play
8:02pm This Bobby Duggan is going to be a name to remember, he does not miss many.
8:00pm Eventually Cork score a point, it will have to be goals if they want to get back into it.
7:59pm Shane Taylor and Bobby Duggan put Clare nine up.
7:58pm Cork need a goal and need it quick.
7:55pm Bobby Duggan with another 65, he has now scored nine on the night.
7:53pm Its been Bobby Duggan’s second half, he hits over a 65 to leave Clare six up.
7:49pm Its like a repeat of the first half only this time Clare get four scores in a row.
7:46pm Two points for Clare in the opening ninety seconds of the half.
7:44pm Jamie Shanahan comes on for Clare, they go into the lead.
7:34pm Its half time in Cusack Park, going to be a great second half.
7:30pm Cork’s Paul Fitzgerald and Clare’s Alex Morey have been playing well.
7:28pm Another free from Pa O’Callaghan puts Cork one up.
7:26pm Its level in Cusack Park, looking like its going to be a thriller.
7:23pm A sideline cut from Alex Morey leaves Clare one behind
7:22pm Pa O’Callaghan keeps Cork two up.
7:16pm Two quick points from Clare.
7:13pm James O’Brien continues the great start for Cork, who now lead by four points.
7:07pm Pa O’Callaghan scores Cork’s second point.
7:04pm Micky Cahalane opens the scoring for Cork.
7:01pm We are under way in Cusack Park.
6:47pm Should be a cracking match with both sides looking for a better performance.
6:45pm Fifteen minutes to throw in
Cork (MH v Clare): 1. Patrick Collins; 2. Stephen Murphy  3. Killian O’Connor  4. Alan Dennehy; 5. Killian McIntyre  6. Paul Fitzgerald  7. Daniel Mangan; 8. Barra O’Connell  9. Kevin O’Neill; 10. John Cashman  11. Dillon Cahill  12. Michael Cahalane; 13. Anthony Spillane 14. Pa O’Callaghan 15. James O’Brien.

No confirmed Clare lineout.

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