NFL draft round up

Updated: April 30, 2012

It may be only the end of April, very much off season for the stars of the NFL but the Draft ensures headlines are being made by the stars of tomorrow. A nation tunes in to see where the college players of the last few years will start their path to potential star-dom.

The talk for the last number of weeks and months was all about two quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Both finished their college days with huge reputations, Andrew Luck was viewed as the new golden boy of football, a blue eyed boy, the kind of guy your mother would love to see your daughter bring home for Sunday dinner, but with a great arm and a steely nerve on the field of play. Robert Griffin III won the Heisman trophy, traditionally awarded to the best player of the college season and a good indicator of NFL potential.

More on Andrew Luck. He was the number one pick in last night’s draft and was snapped up by the Indianapolis Colts and because of this the intrigue continues. He has been signed to replace the legendary and future hall of famer, Peyton Manning, who was released by the Colts at the end of last season. This is the guy who has been Mr Indianapolis Colts since 1998. He led the Colts to seven divisional championships, two AFC championships, and most importantly to a Super Bowl title. He has won a record four league most valuable player awards, has been chosen to play at eleven Pro Bowls, has eleven 4,000-yard passing seasons (including a record six straight) and is the Indianapolis Colts’ all-time leader in passing yards (54,828) and touchdown passes (399). In 2009, he was named the best player in the NFL and Fox Sports along with Sports Illustrated named him the NFL player of the decade of the 2000s. No pressure then!

Robert Griffin III has no such presence in his way following his draft by the Washington Redskins. Both Rex Grossman and John Beck failed miserably to become a leading quarterback in 2011 and the Redskins were crying out for a talent at the QB position. Griffin III certainly looks to be that talent. Griffin is a talented quarterback who was built for the position. Although he is slightly undersized, his athletic ability lends well to him being an NFL-type quarterback who can make plays with his feet, extend plays, make the deep throw and lead a team down the field.

The season ahead promises to be an entertaining one. Add these two potential superstars to others like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers amongst others and it looks to be an absolute cracking 2012/13 season.

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