Gerrard – FA Cup will define Liverpool’s season

Updated: May 3, 2012
Steven Gerrard

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has said he feels Saturday’s FA Cup final against Chelsea will define his club’s season.

Kenny Dalglish’s side already won the Carling Cup in February but have struggled in the Premier League and are currently sitting in eighth place in the table.

“We are all aware we have underachieved in the league and the squad of players we have are certainly better than where we are”. said Gerrard.

“I think people will judge us after Saturday. People will say, ‘You didn’t do well in the league’ but we will say, ‘We won two cups’ and I think that is a fair argument.”

“The FA Cup is special, but we got a taste of success from winning the Carling Cup.” Gerrard continued. “That will help the younger players in the squad. Winning breeds confidence and you want more. That’s what we want on Saturday.”

‘This club is all about winning trophies – big trophies – and the FA Cup comes under that. If we can look back and say we have won two cups, then we will be happy. We hope it can kick-start us for next season.”

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