Fantasy Football week 37 advice on transfers

Updated: May 5, 2012

Fantasy Football week 37 top tips on transfers.

Fantasy football Game Week 35 was without doubt the highest scoring Game Week of the season & many managers made giant strides while others were left smarting over transfer or captaincy decisions that didn’t quite work out.

Unsurprisingly the highest scoring players of the week came from teams who played twice in the GW. Rafael Van der Vaart was the highest scoring player of the week with 22 pts; 10 pts against Blackburn & 12 against Bolton. Not far behind was last week’s pick (who was brave enough to transfer him in?!) Fernando Torres who bagged a hat-trick against QPR for 19 pts in total. Steven Pienaar scored 18 pts after bagging 3 assists against Fulham. Scoring 17 pts were Liverpool’s Luis Suarez who bagged a sublime hat-trick against Norwich & then didn’t play in their home loss to Fulham. Also scoring 17 was Chelsea’s Juan Mata who dubiously registered 4 assists against QPR.

In the SNI League, in association with Celtic Horizon Tours, we have a new leader with just game weeks to go. Austin McEvoy talked over the lead after scoring 127 pts. Dropping to 2nd was Andrew O’Dowd who didn’t have a bad week scoring 120 pts but he finds himself 7 pts behind McEvoy. In 3rd place, Erie Dwan, still has a fighting chance, 23 pts behind McEvoy. It would take a gamble to pay-off for him to catch McEvoy. Same can be said for 4th & 5th places’ Keith Wallace & Ronan Dunne 27 & 30 pts behind McEvoy respectively.

1    DaddyMc’s Maestros    Austin McEvoy    127    2,142
2    Sporting Hee Haw    Andrew O Dowd    120    2,135
3    Ini League Gua Punya    Erie Dwan    104    2,119
4    brayzil    keith wallace    113    2,115
5    Tchoyi Story    Ronan Dunne    95    2,112
6    Urinal    Jeff Giunta    131    2,108
7    luckyloser    Gareth Brogan    101    2,107
8    Carthys hoovers 3    Barry Cronin    114    2,106
9    I am disappoint.    Anto Moyles    113    2,100
10    Quick Pick FC    Dominic Moran    121    2,097

Looking ahead to GW 36 then and on paper Arsenal, Man Utd & Everton have easy fixtures but some less obvious players to look out for this weekend are:

Stephen Kelly – Fulham – 3.9m. Played a full 90 mins in Fulham’s 1-0 away victory over Liverpool and picked up a bonus as well. Fulham are at home to Sunderland who’s players seemingly have their sights set on the beach in the summer.
Adel Taarabt – QPR – 5.8m. QPR go into the weekend with a must win game at home to Stoke and if they are to unlock a stubborn defense then Taarabt will surely be at the centre of things.
Ayegbeni Yakubu – Blackburn – 5.9m. Like QPR, Blackburn have a must win home match against Wigan in a massive relegation 6 pointer. Should Blackburn, Yakubu will surely have to bring his A game.

The very best of luck to all in contention with just 2 gameweeks to go…


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