Ronnie O’Sullivan issues quit threat

Updated: May 8, 2012

Ronnie O’Sullivan has beaten Ali Carter 18-12 to win his fourth world title.

The Rocket however threatened to retire from the game unless World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn stops  ’blackmailing’  players.

“There’s a bit more left in the tank but it’s up to certain people to do the right thing and stop trying to blackmail players,” said O’Sullivan.

“I’m not going to hang around for two more years for things to become fair.”

O’Sullivan is, at 36 years-old, the oldest player to win the world title since his mentor Ray Reardon back in 1978 and has said he is unhappy with the new 50 week, 27 tournament format, which will come into full effect next season at the behest of Hearn.

The Excess Exocet has said the demands of the extra load have taken its toll and that it was a large part of why he fell ill during December last.

“Part of me still wants to play but I was that ill trying to keep up with the schedule, getting letters from World Snooker, and I’m not prepared to put myself under that stress,” said O’Sullivan, who said he had to put his family first.

“I know there’s a big responsibility to promote the game and I’d play in any tournament if it was physically possible.

“But it’s up to the governing body to treat the players right and say they don’t expect players to travel to 27 tournaments a year.  This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction,” said the man who has more than once walked away from the baize before a frame (or match) has been decided.

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