AIBA issue female boxing world ranking list

Updated: May 8, 2012

The 7th Women’s World Boxing Championships – and only female Olympic qualifier – gets under way in Qinhuangdao, China later this week but in a surprise move at the weekend the AIBA issued a new rankings list having issued the previous one only in April and said then that no revised rankings would appear until the day of the general weigh-in in at the ‘Olympic Stadium of Qinhuangdao’.

SportsNewsIreland is awaiting clarification from the AIBA as to whether or not this is the final rankings list or if indeed as earlier stated another one is to follow after the weigh-in but before the draw is made late on Friday (11th). Let us compare the April and May lists, at 60 kg :

April May

1. Katie Taylor Ireland 1. Katie Taylor Ireland
2. Cheng Dong China 2. Gulsum Tatar Turkey
3. Karolina Graczyk Poland 3. Cheng Dong China
4. Adriana Araujo Brazil 4. Tassamalee Thongjan Thailand
5. Quanitta Underwood USA 5. Karolina Graczyk Poland
6. Denitsa Eliseeva Bulgaria 6. Adriana Araujo Brazil
7. Laisram Sarita Devi India 7. Quanitta Underwood USA
8. Sofya Ochigava Russia 8. Denitsa Eliseeva Bulgaria
9. Chorieva Mavzuna Tajikstan 9. Laishram Sarita Devi India
10.Dayana Sanchez Argentina 10. Sofya Ochigava Russia

So what has happened is the short time since the April list was announced? Well, nothing much in the boxing ring, that is for sure albeit
‘Queen’ Underwood certainly lost out in the American Continental Championships (not an Olympic qualifier) against Canada’s Sandra Bizier, who is now at no 19.

The main beneficiaries are those boxers who are taking part in the 60kg lightweight division having previously been champions or serious contenders at 57kg and 64kg.
That accounts for Turkey’s Gulsum Tatar being at no.2 (remember she has beaten Taylor twice before but always on Turkish territory) and also for the sudden ‘emergence’ of Thailand’s
Tassamalee Thongjan at no.4

Sofya Ochigava is down from 8 to 10 – a surprise to most followers of the sport, as she gained silver at the 2011 European Championships in Rotterdam, losing only to Taylor in the final.
True she was before then out of the sport for almost 10 months due to a serious injury but has made significant progress since Rotterdam gaining gold only last month at the Strandja
tournament in Bulgaria. She has twice been world champion at 57kg and is like Taylor but 25 so at the peak of her career.

There are to be eight seeds in China and if indeed Ochigava remains at 10, then she will be prove a major threat to anyone in the tournament, Taylor included, if she hits top form.
Another significant threat will come from GB’s Natasha Jonas, inexplicably ranked at no. 22, having won the Olympic test event at the Excel Arena defeating both Underwood and Cheng Dong in the process.

Very difficult to understand that low ranking. Let us finally have a look at some of the others ranked lower in the list. Mavzuna and Sanchez both drop a place to 11 and 12 , Danuse Dilhofova of the Czech Rerpublic is at 17 (remember she only lost 3-2 to Taylor in the quarter finals in Barbados), and Armenia’s Armine Sinabian (another ‘import’ from 64kg) is at 17. Norway’s Ingrid Egner is at 23 and the young 18 years old from Wales, Lauren Price, like Taylor, an International footballer of note, is at 25 and capable of causing an upset against almost anyone.

It all adds up to a very interesting World Championships and without doubt the ‘toughest’ field that Katie Taylor has ever faced as she seeks to defend her title and qualify for London. And we might not have seen all of the ‘surprises’ yet. Puerto Rico’s Kiria Tapia was likely to be a significant threat yet she has now ‘disappeared’ off the 60kg ‘charts’ and is back at the 57kg category. Could she still be planning to surprise everyone and reappear at 60kg ? And what of China? Everyone has been expecting Cheng Dong to be there representative once more. The Chinese are always capable of a last minute ‘shock’ and it would not be a huge surprise to see Cheng Dong replaced at the eleventh hour by say Liu Chang, who defeated Cheng Dong in the Chinese National finals.

As for the other weight classes that interest Irish boxing fans, they too face stiff competition. Both Ceire Smith and Sinead Kavanagh went out early in Barbados but have since gained much more experience against International class opposition. Smith from Cavan BC is ranked 21 and Kavanagh who boxes out of the Drimnagh club is at no.27. (A big surprise in Kavanagh’s case is that she is not even the top ranked Irish woman since that honour goes to Paulstown’s Lauragh O’Neill at 22) .We need to remember though that these are the World Rankings and with only one boxer per country taking part in both China and in London, when the seedings are announced, probably on Friday, the top eight in each division will show even more changes from those on the May rankings list.

Some important Dates for your diary: (Times are Local):

May 9/10 : Last Arrivals of Team Delegations

May 11 (Friday)
07:00 – 09:00 General Weigh-In
14:00 – 16:00 Official Draw
18:00 – 19:00 Opening Ceremony
20:00 – Welcome Dinner

May 12 (Saturday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
15:00 – Preliminaries
19:00 – Preliminaries

May 13 (Sunday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
15:00 – Preliminaries
19:00 – Preliminaries

May 14 (Monday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
15:00 – Preliminaries
19:00 – Preliminaries

May 15 (Tuesday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
15:00 – Round of 16
19 :00 – Round of 16May 16 (Wednesday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
15:00 – Quarter-Finals
19:00 – Quarter-Finals

May 17 (Thursday) REST DAY

May 18 (Friday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
14:00 – Semi-Finals
18:00 – Semi-Finals

May 19 (Saturday)
07:00 – 08:00 Daily Medical Examination and Weigh-In
14:00 – 18:00 Finals
20:00 – 22:00 Final Banquet

May 20 (Sunday) Departures

And finally a clip of one of the new ‘rising stars’ – Thailand’s Tassamalee Thongjan in action in 2011

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