Seanie Johnston transfer request is re-submitted

Updated: May 8, 2012

The CCCC will meet this evening and will be considering a resubmitted transfer request from Cavan’s Sean Johnston.

Johnston wishes to transfer to the St.Kevins club in Kildare and was sat among the Kildare substitutes during Kildare’s division two league final win over Tyrone.

Johnston hopes that new documents can prove his residency in Straffan in Kildare. Previous attempts to prove the validity of his address had been unsuccessful.

If Johnston is unsuccessful again tonight, it is widely expected that the Kildare county board will take the issue to the Disputes Resolution Authority.

The main reason for the GAA’s reluctance to approve his transfer is due to ethical reasons within the GAA. GAA chiefs are worried that the approval of Johnston’s transfer will encourage the free movement of county players from weaker to stronger counties.

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