Chambers is “fortunate to have a second chance”

Updated: May 10, 2012

Former British Athlete Steve Cram has said Dwain Chambers is lucky to have another chance to compete at the Olympics.

Chambers lifetime ban from athletics was overturned by a court earlier this week. The sprinter is now available for selection for team Great Britain at this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

The thirty four year old is now authorized to attempt to qualify for a place on Team GB after the Court of Arbitration for Sport last week ruled in favour of World Anti-Doping Association, who had stated the lifetime ban from the Olympics “non-compliant” with their code.

The sprinter has spoken of his remorse for his actions and in recent times has taken to lecturing about the dangers of using drugs. Yet despite his apologies two time European gold medallist Cram has issues with the overturn.

“I’m sure Usain Bolt was full of remorse when he had his false start [in the 100 metres final at the World Championships in Daegu in 2011]. If the rule is a rule at the time, to me you abide by those rules and that was the rule at the time, so I think he’s fairly fortunate to have a second chance in that respect” said Cram
“I’m sure all people who’ve taken drugs are fairly sorry when they get caught” he continued.

“It’s about the wider message, whether Dwain Chambers makes the team or not is fairly irrelevant, I don’t think he’s going to medal or anything, but it’s the wider ongoing message which WADA have got to look at” said the fifty one year old.

“I saw it announced they’re going to re-test samples from 2004 and that’s great, but it’s retrospective. I think at the moment the deterrents are too weak and something else needs to be put in place.” he added.

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