Collaboration on Coach Education programmes

Updated: May 11, 2012

Sport Northern Ireland, in collaboration with the Irish Sports Council, Coaching Ireland and sports coach UK, has announced an enhanced partnership around coach education aimed at providing greater clarity, understanding and recognition of the status of coach education programmes currently operating on the island of Ireland.

The partnership relates to the two coach education systems, the Coach Development Programme for Ireland (CDPI) and the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC), and is aimed at developing mechanisms to promote mutual, cross-jurisdictional recognition of the two coach education systems by lead agencies and National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

To guide this partnership a detailed Memorandum of Understanding has been developed and agreed amongst the partners.

A generic mapping of the content of the two education systems has taken place, which has led to the development of a mapping process which compares both systems’ content and outputs, and how they align. This process has allowed for the development of a mapping tool which will be subsequently used for comparing and aligning sport-specific content in a similar way.

Eamon McCartan, Chief Executive of Sport Northern Ireland demonstrated his full support commented on the initiative, saying:

“This partnership provides a great opportunity to develop processes and tools to help clarify these coaching qualifications in the context of both the UK and Republic of Ireland. It will contribute towards the greater understanding and recognition of each jurisdiction’s coach education systems, and thereby enhance the mutual recognition of the coaches themselves.

“A key focus of all the partners is the development and support quality sports coaches. The work we are undertaking will help provide such coaches with clearer and more flexible learning opportunities.

“Furthermore, this initiative reinforces the commitment to collaborative working relationships between Sport Northern Ireland, The Irish Sports Council, Coaching Ireland, sports coach UK and the NGBs.”

In addition, the partner organisations will be engaging with further collaborative working in this area including the exploration of alignment to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

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