Monaghan v Antrim: Live score commentary

Updated: May 27, 2012


Sunday 27 May
Leinster SFC first round
Meath 0-16 0-11 Wicklow, Dr Cullen Park FT
Ulster SFC quarter-final
Monaghan 1-12 1-09 Antrim, Clones FT
Munster SHC quarter-final
Tipperary 2-20 1-19 Limerick, Semple Stadium FT
Munster SFC quarter-final
Tipperary 0-10 0-16 Kerry, Semple Stadium FT
Live commentary
5:32pm Dowling hits his eight point of the day for Limerick.
5:31pm Callanan hits another point for Tipperary.
5:30pm Shane Bourke puts Tipperary four up, they have now scored 11 of the last twelve points.
5:29pm Callanan hits another easy free for Tipp, they now lead by three.
5:28pm Conor O’Brien hits a great point for Tipperary
5:27pm Hannon gets Limerick back to one down.
5:26pm Pa Bourke puts Tipperary two up.
5:25pm Brian O’Mara gets a GOAL for Tipperary
5:24pm Pa Bourke hits another free.
5:23pm Tobin gets a point for Limerick, are a great save for the Limerick keeper.
5;21pm John O’Brien gets Tipperary back to within two, its all Tipp at the moment.
5;20pm Shane McGrath gets a point for Tipperary, there is some debate if it was over or not.
5:19pm Pa Bourke gets Tipperary back to within four, thats 1-05 on the day for Bourke.
5:18pm Noel McGrath gets his third point of the day.
5:15pm Pa Bourke puts Tipperary within six, there is a shock on cards unless Tipp get goals.
5:13pm Tom Condon having a great game for Limerick, Dowling puts Limerick seven points up.
5:12pm Tipperary hit their tenth wide of the match.
5;11pm Meath win by five.
5:09pm Meath now five points up. They will face Carlow on the 10th June
5:08pm Joe Sheridan puts Meath four up.
5:06pm Monaghan go three points up with time up in Clones
5:05pm Peter Dooney puts Monaghan two points up.
5:04pm Queenie puts Meath four up.
5:02pm Eight minutes injury time in Dr Cullen Park.
5:01pm Dessie Mone puts Monaghan one up.
5:01pm Mulcahy puts Limerick four up.
5;00pm Dowling puts Limerick three points up.
4:59pm James Stafford sent off for Wicklow.
4:58pm Man of the match Graham Reilly is off due to injury for Meath.
4:56pm Tommy Freeman the sub kicks his second point.
4:55pm Great save by the Meath keeper, its pushed out for a 45′
4:52pm Dick Clerkin levels it up for Monaghan.
4:51pm Brian Farrell puts Meath three up.
4:49pm Over 22,000 in Thurles for the double header today.
4:48pm Tommy Freeman comes on for Monaghan and gets a point, Hannon gets a point for Wicklow.
4:46pm McManus kicks a score for Monaghan, they are now two points down.
4:45pm What a five minutes for Antrim, they now lead by three. Michael McCann with the point.
4:44pm Antrim and Meath are both two points in front
4:41pm GOAL for Antrim, they now lead by one. James Loughrey with the goal.
4:40pm The breeze is really helping Meath.
4:39pm Tobin puts Limerick one point up at half time in Semple Stadium.
4:38pm Reilly with another point for Meath, he having some match.
4:37pm Graham Reilly gets a second point for Meath in the second half.
4:37pm Tipperary back to within one in Semple Stadium.
4:36pm Nice point for Antrim, there staying with Monaghan in Clones
4:35pm Cian Ward puts Meath in front for the first time.
4:35pm Clerkin puts Monaghan three points up.
4:33pm Injury delay between Meath and Wicklow
4:32pm Pa Bourke hits over a 65′ for Tipperary
4:31pm Nearly 9,000 people in Clones today.
4:30pm Brian O’Mara gets Tipperary within three points.
4;27pm Graham Reilly levels it up for Meath.
4:26pm Graham Mulcahy gets a GOAL for Limerick.
4;25pm Kevin Downes puts Limerick back in front
4:24pm Meath have a strong breeze for the second half, just about to get underway in Dr Cullen Park
4;22pm Noel McGrath levels it up for Tipperary.
4:20pm Limerick go back in front in Thurles, Connor Allis with the score
4:19pm Pa Bourke gets a GOAL for Tipperary.
4:18pm Another score for Limerick, they lead by three.
4:17pm Shane Dowling gets his fifth point for Limerick.
4:15pm Pa Bourke gets Tipperary’s second point.
4;15pm Monaghan lead by two at half time in Clones.
4:14pm Another poor wide for Tipperary, this time Brian O’Mara
4:13pm Stunning start by Limerick they go three ahead. Dowling with a nice free.
4:12pm Cunningham kicks his third point for Antrim.
4:11pm Poor wide by Noel McGrath for Tipperary
4;10pm Kevin Hughes puts Monaghan three points ahead.
4:09pm Shane Dowling gets his second point for Limerick.
4:08pm Graham Reilly gets Meath back to within one at half time in Dr Cullen Park.
4:07pm Four minutes injury time in Clones
4:06pm Stapleton and Dowling open the scoring for both sides in Thurles
4:05pm Hughes and McCann trade points in Clones.
4:04pm Alan Forde punches a point for Meath.
4:03pm McCann kicks Antrimw within two.
4:01pm Nice point for Sean McGrath for Wicklow.
4:00pm Brian Farrell gets his third point for Meath
3:58pm Stunning point from Brian Farrell, Meath back to three down.
3:57pm Mark Collins gets his first point in Royal jersey.
3:55pm Lennon free leaves Monaghan three points up
3:54pm Lots of bad fouling from both sides in Clones.
3;51pm Another easy free for Wicklow, this time its Seanis Furlong.
3:50pm Tony Hannon kicks his third point of the day, Wicklow have a very strong breeze.
3:48pm Cunningham gets his second point for Antrim, Finlay kicked the Monaghan point.
3:47pm Joe Sheridan gets Meath back to three down.
3:46pm Brian Farrell kicks Meaths first score.
3:45pm Stephen Byrne puts Wiklow five points to no score in front.
3:43pm Antrim free gets them back within two points.
3:42pm Shocking miss for Joe Sheridan, it would of been easier score but he hits the crossbar.
3:39pm Tony Hannon gets another score for Wicklow, they are now four up.
3:35pm Wicklow three points up against Meath.
3:31pm Monaghan opening the scoring with a goal from O’Connell. Kerry win by six.
3;30pm Two minutes injusy time in Thurles and we are underway in Clones and Dr Cullen Park
3;25pm Only six minutes left in Thurles, one has to say its been a very poor match.
3:22pm Nice point for O’Donohue for Kerry
3:19pm Acheson kicks a nice point for Tipperary.
3:18pm Declan O’Sullivan puts five between the sides.
3:16pm Tipperary really need a goal.
3:13pm The Gouch extends the Kerry lead to four.
3:11pm Bryan Sheehan free put Kerry three points up.
3;08pm Awful miss from an easy free for Tipperary, Quinlevan misses.
3:08pm Easy free for Bryan Sheehan, Kerry two up.
3:06pm Tipperary were in for a goal, get save from the Kerry goalkeeper, only one in it.
3:05pm Poor wide from Tipperary.
3:03pm Lovely point from Alan Maloney from a free.
3:00pm Bryan Sheehan restores Kerry’s three point lead.
2:59pm Tipperary open the scoring in the second half.
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2:40pm Alan Maloney kicks the last point of the half for Tipperary.
2:38pm Nice point from Michael Quinlivan for Tipperary.
2:36pm Tipperary hit their fourth wide, all of them could of been scored.
2:33pm Another easy free for Kerry. Its going to be a long second half for Tipperary.
2:31pm Poor wide from Tipperary.
2:30pm The Gouch leaves Kerry on double scores with a nice point from play.
2:29pm Anthony Maher kicks Kerry three up.
2:27pm Kieran O’Leary puts Kerry two in front.
2:25pm Darran O’Sullivan kicks a nice point for Kerry.
2:24pm Philip Austin punches the ball over the bar, they had a goal chance but it was not seen.
2;23pm Bryan Sheehan gets his first score from play.
2:20pm Tipperary are really loosing midfield, which is causing a lot of work on the defense.
2:18pm Stunning point from play by the Gouch
2;17pm Kerry starting to get more of the ball.
2:15pm Tomas O’Se gets Kerry’s second point.
2:13pm Lot of poor passing from Kerry.
2;11pm Poor wide from Colm Cooper.
2:10pm First point of the match from play for Tipperary by Peter Acheson.
2:08pm Alan Maloney puts Tipperary in front with a nice free.
2:06pm Its been a good start from Tipperary, they making some fantastic blocking.
2:04pm Lovely point from a difficult free by Quinlivan for Tipperary.
2:00pm We are underway in Thurles, Tipperary give away an easy free. Bryan Sheehan makes no mistakes.
1:56pm The bookies make this match a fourteen point handicap in favour of Kerry, we think Tipp with the minor star Michael Quinlivan will get within ten.
1:45pm Its a stunning day for GAA in Thurles.

Kerry – Brendan Kealy, Shane Enright, Daniel Bohan, Killian Young, Tomás Ó Sé, Eoin Brosnan, Peter Crowley, Anthony Maher, Bryan Sheehan, Paul Galvin, Darran O’Sullivan, Kieran O’Leary, Colm Cooper, Declan O’Sullivan, Patrick Curtin.

Tipperary – Paul Fitzgerald; Andrew Morrissey, Paddy Codd, Ciarán McDonald; Brian Fox, Robbie Costigan, Alan Campbell; George Hannigan, Hugh Coghlan; Lorcan Egan, Peter Acheson, Shane Scully; Alan Maloney, Michael Quinlivan, Philip Austin

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