Shenanigans aplenty as Irish fans refused entry

Updated: June 18, 2012

While the Irish football fans continue to enhance their reputation as the greatest fans in the world in Poland, Irish rugby fans seem to be having too good a time in New Zealand as their antics have grabbed the attention of the local police.

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Ireland came within a whisker of defeating the All Blacks for the first time ever on Kiwi soil after succumbing to a last minute Dan Carter drop goal to lose 22-19.

However, it was has been reported on various New Zealand news that up to 30 people were refused entry to the stadium in the Addington Stadium in Christchurch due to intoxication, with a further 16 fans asked to leave during the game. That the stadium had to reduce the amount of beer sold after kick-off was an indicator in itself of the level of alcohol consumed by fans.
There has not been confirmation of precise numbers but a police report from local authorities do detail of some of the more eventful parts of the evening.
“I’m not picking on the Irish, but a lot of the people that were ejected and removed and caused some problems were wearing green and gold, so one can assume they were supporting the Irish”, said Christchurch Senior Sergeant, Scott Banfield.

“They’re too intoxicated, we know what trouble they’re going to cause in the stadium. Stadium staff intervened early by reducing the amount of alcohol that could be served shortly after kick-off which I believe had a positive effect. If that hadn’t occurred then we may have had some more problems.”

However, the senior sergeant was a little less harsh when it came to a more harmless event of the night, as spectators were treated to an unexpected half-time dash from an Irish female streaker running across the stadium.

“She came from the Irish part of the east stand where they had their green and gold flags”, continued Sergeant Banfield.
“Obviously she wasn’t wearing anything so I couldn’t tell which team she supported.”

A young boy, who had been cheering on the All Blacks at his first ever Test game and watched every move, got more than eyeful before his mother shielded his view, something which drew considerable laughs from the surrounding fans.
Even the media were treated to a chuckle, as due to the temporary nature of the stadium following the earthquake, they were located in a new area, which was relayed to them somewhat tongue-in-cheekily before the game: “If you’re looking for the toilets, they’re right at the back, just past the horse urinals.”

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