Bendtner banned for boxers display

Updated: June 19, 2012

Denmark forward, Nicklas Bendtner has been handed a one match and fined E100 000 (£80 000) by UEFA for his goal celebration against Portugal on 13 June.

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Bendtner had just scored the second of his two goals in Denmark’s 3-2 defeat when he lowered his shorts revealing his underwear. The logo of a Dublin based betting company was emblazoned on the waistband of his boxer shorts and broke Uefa’s strict rules on advertising.

Uefa said, “This suspension applies to the next 2014 FIFA World Cup match, including the qualifying competition, for which Bendtner is eligible.”

The Arsenal striker now has three days to appeal against the decision or face missing Denmark’s first world cup qualifier against the Czech Republic in September.

After match, the Arsenal striker said, “It is just a pair of lucky boxer shorts that I used in the first game as well and have used before the tournament.”

“I didn’t know I was breaking any rules but I am aware of that now.”

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