Wexford GAA hand out racism bans

Updated: June 21, 2012

Wexford GAA has handed out bans to two players from club side Duffry Rovers after they made racist comments to Sarsfield and dual-county player Lee Chin during a club match on April 20 last.

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The two players in question were banned after the referee, on hearing the racist comments from one player and one sub, contained these remarks in his post-game report and the case was taken up by the Wexford Central Competitions Committee. The WCCC found the two players guilty and imposed heavy bans on the Duffry club men.

The players have not been named and the club avoided a fine after all parties co-operated fully with the investigation.

In the Irish Independent Wexford county chairman Diarmuid Devereux gave his reaction to the incident:

“Lee Chin is a Wexford man, born in Wexford, living in Wexford, educated in Wexford and working in Wexford. He is one of our stars of the future. Hopefully, many more will follow his example,” he said.

“Racism is something that will not be tolerated within Wexford GAA. That was also reflected in the way both clubs dealt with the matter.

“Both clubs accepted that kind of behaviour cannot, and will not, be accepted in Wexford GAA.”

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